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Mysterious Abandoned Boeing 737 Turns Into a Tourist Attraction In Bali

No one really knows how the plane got there.

An abandoned Boeing 737 found in the middle of a valley in Bali, Indonesia has become a popular tourist destination. What’s fascinating is that no one really knows how the plane ended up on the site.

Not only that, the Boeing jet is enclosed and it had no branding that could help in its identification. The plane found in South Kuta is surrounded by trees and freight containers. Though it is locked and under regular surveillance, tourists remain captivated by its mystery that they’d visit the site to take photos with it.

No one knows how this plane ended up in this part of Bali.

According to speculations, this plane was supposed to be a restaurant.

Locals and aviation enthusiasts believe that the plane originally had an owner, who planned to transform it into a restaurant. But since the owner could not afford to cover the expenses of doing so, the plane was left on the site to rust.

Despite being guarded, tourists are all the more eager to visit the site.

If you have a penchant for abandoned places, Bali should be your next destination.

Couple travel bloggers Katka and Mic happened to visit the site in 2017.

On their blog, We Just Travel, Katka and Mic shared some tips on how one can have a good view of the abandoned plane and take better pictures. They wrote that the site is pretty easy to miss, which is why one should always be on the lookout.

For the best view, the couple advised the following:

– Climb on the containers (on your own risk) and see the plane from the side
– Go a bit further down the road and pay 10.000 IDR to go up the path to see it from front/above (the price is negotiable to 5.000 IDR :D).
We also tried to go down on the left side and see if you could get close somehow but it didn’t seem possible.

Here's one way of getting a good view of the plane.

This Boeing 737 is not the only one found on the island of Bali.

Another Boeing plane is located in Kedonganan.

YouTube vlogger Exploring with Josh was able to get close to this plane situated near Dunkin Donuts.

There’s just something intriguing about creepy abandoned places that makes them attractive to toursists. Do you want this site to be included in your bucket list?


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