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15 Troublesome Clients And How To Handle Them Perfectly





Be it a passion project or a simple office task, work can sometimes be boring or dull. But whenever a bad client enters the scene, this is where things start to get a little bit messy. You try to submit, say, a design which you think is near-perfect but alas, it is nowhere near good for the client. Hurts, right?

In an article from BoredPanda, we learn that there are actually different types of clients. And with their differences, people must learn to deal with them accordingly. This study was made possible thanks to the staff from Coplex. Basically, they have been observing multiple clients in their natural state.

This guide does not only inform you about the types of clients out there, okay? It also allows you to understand which special care and/or approach to use to successfully make business with them. After all, they are your clients and thus need your attention.

Remember: the next time you encounter these nasty creatures, be sure to apply the guidelines. You can thank us later.

#1. Mr. I Needed This Done Yesterday

#2. Mr. I Am Not Really Sure What I Want

#3. Mr. What Is A Weekend?

#4. Mr. Everything Is A Weekend

#5. Ms. I Hate That Color For No Reason

#6. Mr. Hey What Is That Over There, aka, Mr. I Assumed This Was Included

#7. Mrs. We Do Not Have A Deadline – Oh, Wait, Yes We Do And It Is Tomorrow

#8. Mrs. What You Did Was Great, But We Want Something Completely Different

#9. Ms. I Do Not Know What I Want, But I Know It Is Not That

#10. Ms. Lurker
#11. Mr. Will This Cost Extra, aka, I Emptied My Bank Account For This

#12. Mr. I Do Not Really Care; Just Do Whatever You Want

#13. Mrs. Will This Not Take Five Minutes?

#14. Mrs. I Care So Much That It Hurts

#15. Mr./Mrs./Mrs./Mr. Decision-By-Committee

It is worth noting that at the end of the day, the perfect approach will still rely heavily on you. But of course, you may use these ones as guidelines, just remember to adjust accordingly.

Good luck!

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