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Brilliant Ad Campaign Reminds Us Not To Judge A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes





Whether we like it or not, and whether we accept it or not, society today has preconceived notions that a woman’s decency and modesty are reflected on how she dresses herself. It has been an accepted norm to measure a woman’s worth by measuring the length of her hemline, the height of her heels, or the depth of her neckline. Needless to say, some cultures consider women who wear conservative clothes and who are thoroughly covered to be more “respectable” than other women who show more skin.

However, this notion is being challenged by Theresa Wlokka and students from the Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany. They created an ad campaign that challenges society’s preconceived notions about women and their choice of clothes. Although these clever photos bear the logo of Terre Des Femmes, a human rights organization in Switzerland that focuses on gender equality, the Swiss organization claims that they were by no means involved in the creation and publication of the said ad campaign.

However, Terre Des Femmes lauds the photos and supports the message that the campaign wishes to convey: “No matter what a woman is wearing, she will be judged by it.”

Check out these brilliant photos:

Don’t measure a woman’s worth by the length of her skirt.


Don’t measure a woman’s worth by the depth of her neckline.


Don’t measure a woman’s worth by the height of her heels.


These photos remind us to examine our own perceptions about women and the way they dress. We must remember that a woman’s worth is never measured by her clothes.

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