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These 13 Lovely Couples Will Help Prove that ‘Forever’ Exists

The secret to lasting relationship involves love, commitment, and hard work. We can’t make it perfect, but we can make it fun.

Single men and women often joke and say that there’s no such thing as forever in relationships. Who can blame them? Children and young adults witness their parents and other older couples separate or end up in divorce. It’s everywhere—in the community, news, and the internet. Even famous couples who once professed their undying love to the whole world leave nothing to their ex-partners but ugly memories, hurtful words, and lawyer’s exorbitant fees.

It seems like those happily ever afters are just words printed at the end of fairy tale books. Is that the only place where we can find it? In fictional stories that were written to help lull children to sleep? And has the word “commitment” lost its meaning?

Before you run and cry in the shower totally disillusioned about love, you might want to check out these 13 lovely, old couples, who, apparently, found forever in their partner’s arms. They might help restore your faith in love and romance, especially when you “see” the key to their lasting relationship.

#13. Every day, this couple takes a walk together from their home to the grocery store


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#12. Through thick and thin, huh?


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#11. Never lose that sense of humor


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#10. Choose someone you're willing to grow "low" with…


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8 Surefire Ways to Step Up and Attract a Woman

How to attract women in 8 simple and surefire ways.


How most men view the opposite sex can be sum up into these, women are 'complicated' and 'hard to please'--big mistake. What she really wants are the simple things, the ones that usually go unnoticed and if you guys will only figure them out then you won't have to say she wants more, she's intimidating or she won't go for someone like you.

It doesn't even have to be that expensive car or a fat bank account but the little things that can make her genuinely happy. Here are eight of the surefire ways to attract a woman.

#1. Trim any wayward facial hairs


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What This Man Did to 15 Random Grocery Shoppers is Heartwarming

This video will restore your faith in humanity.


With all the violence and unwanted news we see, hear and read everyday, it's hard to have faith in humanity anymore. We also have some tough times ourselves and it sometimes gets hard to live by each day. It's hard to see the goodness in people, specially when times get tough.

But two high school friends did something to make 15 random strangers strengthen their faith and believe in humanity again. Pastor Rob Westerman and Minister Mike Lewis from Cincinnati, Ohio surprised random strangers with an act of kindness that seemed like just a simple act but meant a lot to the people they blessed.

A few of the people who were randomly surprised was a man who got mugged the previous week, and a woman who was crying all morning....

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Funny Dad Drives A Plasma Car Down A Steep Hill

Is this plasma car safe or not? The dad wanted to find out for himself!

If you are a parent, you know how important it is to pick the right toys for your kids.

As much as possible, you have to check the label and the features before purchasing a product. This is done in order to ensure that you get a toy that’s perfectly appropriate and safe for your child.

Although toys are manufactured and sold to bring fun and enjoyment, not all of them are completely safe. In fact there are many recorded incidents when kids were treated in hospitals for toy-related injuries. ...

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