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These 13 Lovely Couples Will Help Prove that ‘Forever’ Exists





Single men and women often joke and say that there’s no such thing as forever in relationships. Who can blame them? Children and young adults witness their parents and other older couples separate or end up in divorce. It’s everywhere—in the community, news, and the internet. Even famous couples who once professed their undying love to the whole world leave nothing to their ex-partners but ugly memories, hurtful words, and lawyer’s exorbitant fees.

It seems like those happily ever afters are just words printed at the end of fairy tale books. Is that the only place where we can find it? In fictional stories that were written to help lull children to sleep? And has the word “commitment” lost its meaning?

Before you run and cry in the shower totally disillusioned about love, you might want to check out these 13 lovely, old couples, who, apparently, found forever in their partner’s arms. They might help restore your faith in love and romance, especially when you “see” the key to their lasting relationship.

#13. Every day, this couple takes a walk together from their home to the grocery store


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#12. Through thick and thin, huh?


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#11. Never lose that sense of humor


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#10. Choose someone you're willing to grow "low" with…


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