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14 Frighteningly Real Halloween Decorations to Spook Trick-or-Treaters Off Your Yard





Fresh off the blood moon apocalypse, Halloween approaches on cold, whispery feet, and fans of the season have began taking out their plastic skeletons, string cobwebs, rubber bat wings, and witch effigies out of the attic.

For some, its an excuse to go full-out Goth and scandalize the locals. For other people, however, Halloween represents that one month in 12 when they can let loose their inner Tim Burton…their Stephen King alter ego…or simply their adoration of “The Walking Dead.”

Because if you see any of these in your neighbors’ yards…run away…run far, far, away…

#1. This Ichabod Crane wannabe who’s got an “eye” on incoming visitors for miles around.

1016 halloween 1

Photo credit: RBRay1978

It’ll never be a “sleepy” hollow, that’s for sure.

#2. This neighbor who believes quite strongly in the existence of Area 51.

1016 halloween 2

Photo credit: Hsqgr
#3. This neighbor who took great pains to ensure you never set foot in his front walk.

1016 halloween 3

Photo credit: IlqoJ

Not even during daylight.

(Incidentally, is that a flayed man from House Bolton of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” or have they just dismembered poor Spider-man?)

#4. This homeowner who wants to set you up with Frankenstein’s bride.

1016 halloween 4

Photo credit: 1Rgos6I
#5. This family, which remains firm in its advocacy to bring back capital punishment.

Are you listening, school system?

#6. This fan celebrating the return of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead.”

1016 halloween 6

Photo credit: rCPuFEM

Only this time around, the walkers win.

#7. This concerned citizen who believes the Hasbro movies should have an R-rating.

1016 halloween 7

Photo credit: rjALZbh
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