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13 Commonly Mispronounced Words And The Correct Way To Pronounce Them





Some people won’t admit it outright due to the fear of giving off an egoistic impression, but nobody likes getting corrected. Getting corrected sucks. Be it in the workplace, our daily chores, or even in trifle conversations. Oh yes, especially conversations, particularly mispronouncing words. There’s something embarrassing about it that’s pretty difficult to explain.

Want to improve your grammar and pronunciation game? here is a list of most commonly mispronounced words and the correct way to pronounce them.

1. Colonel

Source: Pixabay

Definition: An army officer of high rank, particularly an officer that is above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general.

Correct pronunciation: “kernel,” as in kernel of popcorn.

2. Banal

Source: Pixabay

Definition: lacking originality, freshness, or novelty.

Correct pronunciation: “buh-NAL,” emphasizing the second syllable of the word.

3. Jewelry

Source: Pixabay

Definition: Objects that are often made from precious metal and set with glamorous gemstone(s).

Correct pronunciation: “JOOL-ree,” emphasizing the first syllable.

4. Often

Source: Pixabay

Definition: frequently; many times. in many instances.

Correct pronunciation: “off-en,” with silent “t.”

5. Regardless

Source: Pixabay

Definition: disregarding the present situation despite the prevalent conditions.

Correct pronunciation: Most of the time, people use the word “regardless” wrong. When they use this word, they often mean to use the word “irregardless.”

6. Escape

Source: Pixabay

To get free of something; to get or stay out of the way of something.

Correct pronunciation: “es-cape.” However, many often make the mistake of pronouncing it as “ex-cape.”

7. Prescription

Source: Pixabay

Definition: a written direction that is put forward by an authority.

Correct pronunciation: “pre-SCRIP-shun,” with the emphasis on the second syllable.

8. Sherbet

Source: Pixabay

Definition: A frozen fruit flavored dessert.

Correct pronunciation: “Sher-bet.”

9. Almond

Source: Pixabay

Definition: An oval nut commonly cultivated in warm climates.

Correct pronunciation: “Ah-mund,” with silent letter “L.”

10. Salmon

Source: Pixabay

Definition: Large fish common in North Atlantic.

Correct pronunciation: “SAM-un,” with strong emphasis on first syllable and silent letter “L.”

11. Regime

Source: Pixabay

Definition: A government sector.

Correct pronunciation: “RAY-zheem.”

12. Mischievous

Source: Pixabay

overtly playful; troublemaker.

Correct pronunciation: “MIS-chiv-ous.”

13. Ask

Source: Pixabay

Definition: to question or to request for something.

Correct pronunciation: “Ask.” However, some people often mispronounce it as “ax.”

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