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Viral Kid Who Speaks 15 Languages Now Studies In China

He deserve this blessing!


One Cambodian boy wowed the world when he spoke 15 languages. Now, his impressive skill is helping him reach his dream,

Thuch Salik starred in a viral video last year showing his ability to speak 15 languages while trying his best to sell souvenirs to a Malaysian tourist in Cambodia. Thanks to the power of social media, the young boy has received a sponsorship from Cambodian businessman Khit Chhern, who helped him to go to China to pursue his studies.

It was revealed in the viral video that the boy could speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, and Filipino, among others. But out of all the countries in Asia, Salik chose China because he’s passionate about Chinese culture.

Salik captured much attention in November 2018 when he stated that Chinese was his favorite language. He is currently attending Hailiang Foreign Language School in Zhejiang province.

In sponsoring his study abroad, the businessman left a heartfelt message to Salik on his Facebook page. Chhern expressed in a Facebook post that he hopes nothing but the best for Salik.

He wrote:

“You are 14 years old and will be leaving your home to a foreign country. I hope you can work hard to be a successful and kind-hearted person. Good luck, Salik.”

Before leaving for China, Salik showed respect to his family and Chhern by kneeling in front of them. As for his arrival, Salik was welcomed well. He was even offered a song and dance from the staff.

This, however, was not the first time Salik has visited China. With the help of Hailiang Education Group, Salik and his family were flown to China early this year.

According to reports, Thuch Salik aspires to be a tour guide so that he can help foreigners understand Cambodia’s culture and history.

Watch the video here:

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