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The Comfort Of Being In A Long-Term Relationship Showcased In 12 Comics





When it comes to dating, a lot of young people often talk about the horrors of being in a long-term relationship. They often talk about the restrictions, fear of getting burnt out, and being limited to one partner. And they’re partially right. It’s hard to blame someone about this stuff. Being in a bad relationship would leave any people jaded and pessimistic about the stuff.

However, some of these people have clearly never been in a long-term relationship yet; or at least, a healthy one. This is probably one of the reasons why they often leave out the perks. Contrary to what most people believe, being in a healthy long-term relationship is actually one of the best experiences you’d ever have.

Being in a long-term relationship is very comforting. It sounds small, but when you’re with someone for a very long time, it’s irreplaceable. Being able to do even the most intimate and private things in front of your significant other is one of the best feelings in life. If you’re still not sold yet, these comics will give you the general idea about the comfort of being in a long term relationship.

1. Yes, the dreaded fart isn’t off-limits anymore.

2. Conscious about your size? Well, belly size does not matter when you love someone.

3. Popping pimples? No problem!

4. Sigh… none of that independent woman nonsense again!

5. Romantic dates? Ugh, how about pooping together? That’s real love!

6. The endless battle for the air-conditioner.

7. Find someone as weird as you so you can finally be weird together!

8. You can finally forget about maintaining poise, especially when eating.

9. Knowing which button to push is one of the best feelings on earth.

10. No more concerns about appearing overly attached.

11. Shaving isn’t a problem.

12. You can be grown-up children together.

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