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11 Things That Immediately Destroy A First Impression





There’s a reason why people say you can’t make the first impression twice. It’s either you nailed it, or you didn’t.

A first impression truly last, which is why it plays a vital role when you meet someone. Here are 11 things that immediately destroy the first impression.

1. The way you present your opinion on things.

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It’s fine to share your thoughts, but if you force people to see things the way you do, then that is such a deal breaker.

2. A weak handshake.

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Having a weak handshake is connected to someone who is shy or anxious, which is not a good trait if you’re trying to impress someone.

3. Looking at your phone instead of valuing social interaction.

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Frequently checking your phone shows that you are not interested in the other person, that you are bored, and that you have better things to do. Even just putting your phone on the table is already a turn-off.

4. Dressing like a slob.

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You don’t have to wear your best suit or use the whole bottle of perfume. But you have to look nice, be polished and keep it professional, especially when it is your job interview or a meeting with a prominent dignitary. Your appearance is extremely important during such sessions and can dictate the tone.

5. Not respecting personal space.

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You don’t want to get too close or stand too far away from the person you’re talking to. The ideal distance is about 4 to 12 feet.

6. Forgetting someone’s name.

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When you’re unable to remember names, it tells the client or interviewer that you just don’t consider them important enough to invest all your mental being in learning a few names. They will feel you’re not interested enough.

7. Looking at someone up and down.

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This can come off as rude since it appears that you’re judging their appearance from head to toe.

8. Not maintaning eye contact.

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People who avoid eye contact are seen as not sincere.

9. Chewing gum.

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Chewing gum is only acceptable if you’re hanging out with your friends. But if you’re at a job interview, chewing gum is a terrible idea.

10. Bringing up polarizing topics immediately.

There are certain topics that shouldn’t be brought up when you want to make a good impression such as politics, religion, money, and more.

11. Making distracting noises.

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Just try to focus and work while someone is playing with a pen, or tapping a foot, or cracking knuckles. These little noises are irritating for most people, and that’s why you should try to avoid them.

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