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10 Clear Signs You’re About to Get Dumped Soon

Do you have that gut feeling your partner is going to call it quits soon? It maybe one of the clear signs he will.

Everybody wants to be in love. Love, as the song says, “is a many splendor things”. Who wouldn’t want to be in love? Who doesn’t want to experience that giddy feeling you get when you are with the person who makes your heart beat faster?

Everyone has experienced being in love in one way or another. And it’s even better when you are also loved by the person you adore.

And we all want that love to be reciprocated. When that happens, our life just becomes like a bed of roses. It’s like heaven is on Earth until the worst day of your life happens…

It’s not the best feeling in the world, right? But we can avoid becoming dumbfounded when our beau drops the bomb. So here are some clear signs that your sweetheart is about to say goodbye.
10. Lovemaking isn’t hot anymore.

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Lovemaking is a way to connect to your partner physically and emotionally, but when you feel there’s no love or intensity in lovemaking anymore, it may mean your partner’s lovemaking energy is being diverted to something else, or worse: to someone else.

9. There’s no sign of taking your relationship to the next level.


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It’s been years and there’s no sign of you being engaged anytime soon. Yes, you have fun sometimes, you get together a lot, but when you bring up “the future”, your beau goes M.I.A. Wonder why your partner is allergic to the two of you being “together forever”? Maybe your sweetheart is going to call it quits soon!

8. You are not introduced as “the one” anymore.


Photo credit: Huffington Post

So you are wondering why your partner just introduces you by first name when he used to introduce you as “my partner” or “the love of my life” when you just started dating? When you suddenly lose your “label”, maybe, that’s already a premonition that you are just really going on a first-name basis in the near future.

7. Intimacy is not happening anymore.


Photo credit: Elephant Journal

It’s not just hot lovemaking that is lacking in your relationship: you suddenly find yourself trying hard to get a hold of your partner’s hand. There’s no more sweet nothings, no cuddling, no hugging, and no more PDAs.

6. Your sweetheart spends more time with his single friends than you.


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When you used to hang out a lot together in the past, and now your sweetheart hangs out a lot with her single girlfriends, it maybe because she’s trying to get back in her circle with the plans of leaving you sometime soon. Hanging out with friends is normal, but hanging out A LOT with single friends maybe an indication of you being bumped off the picture soon.

5. Your beau is missing on social media.


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No more tags, no more posts, no more photos of you together. Suddenly, your sweetheart isn’t tweeting or Instagramming. Much worse, he doesn’t allow auto-tags of his photos. Maybe, he is preparing to make his profile seem as if he is already single. Just wait until he updates his relationship status.

4. There’s a lot less phone calls!

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No, your phone isn’t broken. And yes, there’s no point in calling your mobile provider that your phone isn’t ringing anymore. When your beau used to call you every minute, and your phone isn’t ringing anymore, it may mean he doesn’t really want to give you a ring in the near future. Or maybe he’s just busy ringing someone else!

3. They want to have some space.


Photo credit: Huffington post

So, your sweetheart is proposing some time off? She tells you “I need space” or “I need to find myself” and all that blah. They may just be plain excuses. What she really wants is space from you.

2. Conversations become a one-way street.


Photo credit: James Tierney

You used to talk about anything and everything under the sun but lately, it seems like her mind is always wandering and you find yourself talking alone on a date. She might be physically there on your date but when her mind isn’t, it’s a clear cut sign she may not be physically there next time you set a romantic date.

1. You just have the gut feel that what you have is about to end.


Photo credit: Seriously Men

No, you aren’t paranoid. When you have that gut feeling your relationship isn’t going anywhere and you might be breaking up soon, it probably is true. When you find yourself asking so many questions about your relationship, and it seems like the answers are blurry, your intuition may be telling you what’s going to happen soon. It’s time for you to listen to it: someone is going to say goodbye soon.

A relationship that is about to end is not always because of your fault. Sometimes, there are no particular reasons why some relationships end. But when you feel like you are the only one working on it, and the signs are already right in your face, there’s no point in keeping up with a relationship that is clearly going nowhere. So, before your soon-to-be ex-partner bails out, try to have the courage and accept that your relationship is about to meet a tragic end. When you’ve already accepted that fact, you can even call it quits and dump your baby before he does it to you.


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    If get dump, get a replacement. Life is short.

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    August 6, 2017 at 9:22 PM

    Buck it up there is a reason for every thing.all good things come ,maybe years but will be worth it

  12. Livon Han

    August 4, 2017 at 4:39 AM

    Yee Tyng 宜婷 😞

  13. Ray Arsenault

    August 4, 2017 at 4:37 AM

    I got dumped!! Hurts bad!


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