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Ex-Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink’. It’s Awkward and Funny as it Sounds.





Truth be told, seeing your ex is probably the most awkward thing ever especially if the only vivid memory you have of that person is how you broke up, for some at least. Whether it was good or bad, sitting down with the person you once loved is already a challenge in itself, more so playing ‘Truth or Drink’ in front of the camera and a ‘pint’ of ‘walking down memory lane.’

This is what happened when ex-couples were asked by Elite Daily to sit down and answer some questions about their exes. The catch, either they answer what is asked or take a shot. Some ex-lovers are civil and friendly towards each other as they go on with every challenge while others seem a bit displeased.

Moments heat up when they are forced to take body shots off their exes too. Definitely a downpour of emotions. I wonder who gets to be friends with an ex, rekindle an old flame or simply go their separate ways just like what they did after the breakup.

Watch the video and be the judge:

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