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10 Signs That You Both Have Chemistry





Everybody is looking for their perfect partner. And to know if you have finally found the right one, you should be compatible with him/her.

Compatibility between two people depends a lot on whether or not they have chemistry. Here are 12 signs that are always present whenever there is chemistry between two people.

1. Common Interests.

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Just being together and doing something that you both enjoy is quite enough. No extravagance needed.

2. Understanding of Sarcasm.

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Humor is really important and using sarcasm in relationships can make or break you. If you have undeniable chemistry, then you get each other instantly.

3. Respect for each other.

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Respect is an essential building block of the relationship. There should be mutual respect even in the first meeting.

4. Being a mirror to each other.

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When you really like someone, you unconsciously adopt certain mannerisms from them. If such signs can be observed in the body language of both, that is a definite green light.

5. Knowing the little details.

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If you are genuinely interested in your partner, you listen attentively. You sometimes know more about them than they do.

6. Making each other laugh.

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It’s easy to make someone laugh if you have a fantastic connection to begin with. Nailing the art of having fun as a pair will then come out naturally.

7. No awkward silences.

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Instead of having an awkward silence, you and your partner have comfortable silence. It is when you can just be with them, no words needed and no need to fill the silence with meaningless words.

8. Being Consistent.

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Being consistent means that you have a sense of commitment to the process of a relationship. You check in on each other on a regular basis and be there when you are needed.

9. Time goes by really fast.

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If you lose track of time being with him/her, then there is definitely something going on there.

10. Each one contributes equally.

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A relationship is not just a one-way street. Couples who know how to give and take will have the best chance of staying together.

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