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10 of the Craziest Theories About Jesus Christ and His Bloodline





Messiah, Yahweh, or Logos are just some of the many names of Jesus Christ. He is the known God of all of Christianity and is claimed to have existed 2,000 years ago. As far as who He is and whether or not He’s divine, however, is a topic worthy of discussion. The same can be applied to His demise, though the bible speaks of his resurrection on the third day.

Simply put, there are plenty of speculations revolving around Jesus Christ and his true identity. Many believe that He fathered children and that he actually got married. And believe it or not, there are those who claim to be a direct descendant of the Son of God. Dan Brown’s novels are just among the many that give us such shocking theories.

Below are 10 of the most outlandish claims about Jesus Christ and his bloodline.

#10. He Survived the Crucifixion

Nope, this has nothing to do with his “resurrection.” The gist of this theory is that Jesus got sedated during the crucifixion in order to make him “look dead.” And this happened just before the soldiers took him down and laid his body to rest. This sedation was meant to make Jesus appear like he actually rose from the dead when, in fact, he just went to sleep. Pretty crazy, right? Well, not really if you read further.

#9. Joseph of Arimathea and His Influence

During the heydays of the Roman Empire, Joseph of Arimathea was among the few people who had great influence with high-ranking councils and religious leaders. One of his go-to guys was none other than the infamous Pontius Pilate. This theory suggests that it was him who arranged to exile Jesus Christ just to save him from death. The deal was meant to make the Messiah disappear, which would keep him from the Roman’s business. Interestingly, part of the deal was to let him live, as long as he would secretly vacate the country to somewhere he deemed home. Theorists also claim that the exact site of the crucifixion was owned by Joseph himself.

#8. Jesus Christ Went to French Gaul

This theory roots from a claim that suggests a massive Jewish community existed in French Gaul during the Jesus’ timeline. Many believe that the Savior chose to live and went to this place. Apparently, though, most historians of today disapprove of this notion. Still, it can’t be denied that a large part of the Roman’s epicenters is French Gaul. It was even believed that Pontius Pilate himself resided in this area. If this was true, then it could be that Pontius Pilate was responsible for keeping an eye on Jesus Christ. Perhaps his goal was to ensure that He kept a low profile.

#7. The Legends coming from the South of France

Most, if not all, legends claim that Jesus arrived on the shores of Southern France. But perhaps the most interesting is the one from the Desposyni. The latter is basically a name that, surprisingly, translates to “of the Lord.” They claim to be a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. According to Listverse, the Desposynis were living in fear due the Roman Church’s wrath. They were being hunted during the first few centuries AD.

#6. The Merovingians

Source: Uploadalt

When it comes to theories about Jesus’ bloodline, this is perhaps the most controversial. As a descendant of King David, Jesus was believed to have fathered two kids with His wife. The said children were married to the Merovingians, who were a royal French bloodline. This didn’t only put the royal claim to Jesus, but to the great King David as well. This isn’t the only bloodline theory involving the Merovingians, though. They are also believed to be the people behind Illuminati and the forthcoming New World Order.

#5. The Gnostic Gospels and Mary Magdalene

The Gnostic Gospels surfaced during the late 1940s when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. These were basically verses and books that got left out from the New Testament. Actually, there’s a compelling reason why this “left out” happened. Basically, Jesus was believed to have married Mary Magdalene, a woman whom many religious historians and scholars revered. The theory further claims that Mary Magdalene, along with Jesus, settled in the south of France. Together they built thousands of churches, not for God or Jesus, but for Mary Magdalene.

#4. Jesus Teaching in the Temples

If the scriptures and other biblical writings are to be followed, then it’s easy to say that Jesus indeed taught in the temples. However, during these times, there were laws stating that a teacher should be married and that he should have children. So, Jesus wasn’t just a divine being of sorts; he was also a mortal man bounded by worldly laws. The latter, however, is not the gist of the theory. It’s whether or not Jesus followed these laws and actually had a family.

#3. The Berringer Sauniere Conspiracy

Berringer Sauniere is without a doubt the most bizarre story surrounding Jesus and his bloodline. Sauniere was simply a village priest stricken by poverty and resided in Southern France. But in 1890s, he became one of the richest men alive. Some believe that he acquired proof to Jesus’ married life and fled to France. Although there’s no concrete evidence to what the discovery is, many believe he found the proof upon stumbling across the family tomb of Mary, Jesus, and their two children.

The claim further notes that Sauniere blackmailed the Vatican, as the entire faith was basically based on a lie. However, the Church gave him money in exchange of his findings. This theory surfaced after people noticed how his lowly church became extravagant. This church is now the infamous village of Rennes-le-Chateau.

#2. The Altar Artwork from Sauniere’s Church

Source: Ben Hammot

There’s a section of the Altar Artwork in Sauniere’s church that features the 14th Station of the Cross. This altar is said to provide further proof to the secrets that Sauniere himself discovered. Interestingly, the scene in every station is set at night, which could be proof that Jesus didn’t die on the cross. In fact, in Jewish tradition, touching the bodies of the dead at night is greatly forbidden. For those who support this claim, they believe the Almighty was alive when his body was transferred to the tomb.

There’s even a picture in the altar showing a kneeling Mary Magdalene just before a cave. In the background, a landmark can be located, indicating that the tomb of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is among the caves opposite this landmark.

#1. The Bloodline is Very Much Alive Today

Source: Pixabay

Of course, this deserves the number one spot. Because seriously, claims about the bloodline of Jesus still existing even today is quite outlandish. But believe it or not, there’s actually a good number of researchers trying to prove this theory. Two of them are none other than Dan Sewell Ward and Laurence Gardner. For them, there are at least 13 generations of Jesus descendants in Britain just before King Arthur rose to fame.

They further claim that these so-called Jesus descendants are heavily scattered all over the world. In fact, one of them is believed to be Hugh Montgomery, who himself claims to be a descendant of the Son of God. He can even trace his family bloodline all the way back to Mesopotamia’s “God Kings.” The theory suggests that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a daughter, a “fact” that was said to have been written in a section from the already-damaged Syriac Gospels.

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