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Extreme Longboard Racer Performs Scary 70 Mph Highway Ride

Zak Maytum’s epic 70mph highway ride on a longboard is both impressive and scary to watch.

Mark Andrew





The following video by Colorado-based longboard racer Zak Maytum definitely had me at the edge of my chair. The entertainment level is really high but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel a bit worried about this safety.

Besides, the footage shows him riding his longboard in full speed while in the Boulder highway. What makes this interesting though is that he was speeding at about 70 miles per hour when the allowed limit on the highway was only 30 miles per hour.

And oh! Zak did the stunt wearing nothing but a flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, some gloves, and what appears to be a cap. It’s impressive but really scary. You’d think this guy had a death wish or something!

You can watch the video here:

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At first, you’d assume he was merely traversing through an open highway but as you saw on the video, some vehicles were actually there. Also noteworthy is that at several points, he touched the road with his gloves and sparks flew around, indicating that yes, this isn’t a fake footage. Eventually, old school Metallica hit “The Four Horsemen” was added to the video, giving it a very badass vibe.

The video was uploaded on YouTube just last September 7, 2015 by venombushinngs. In just 10 days, it already attracted 2.6 million views. However, many took notice of Zak’s lack of safety equipments.

Njoy32Gaming asked:

“Too cool for helmet huh?”

While Eosz Kappa commented:

“I dont think this helmet will protect you in any way if you fall from that thing at 70 mph…”

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Disabled Student Transforms His Wheelchair Into Epic Mad Max Cosplay

Wheelchair-bound? No problem. Cosplay Convention? Got it covered!

Dondi Tiples



Cosplay Convention? No problem. Wheelchair-bound? Got it covered!

It is very rare to see the words “paraplegic” and “cosplay” in one sentence, but for this college student, his condition and his love for cosplay made for an explosive combination.

Ben Carpenter is a University of Central Florida student who was born with spinal muscular atrophy. Himself a miracle after having survived the high infant mortality rate for someone born with this condition, Ben is currently an engineering major who has managed to get to and from his classes on a wheelchair.

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Weatherman Pronounces 58-Letter-Long Welsh Town Name and Doesn’t Get Tongue-tied

Nailed it.

Ann Nuñez



Liam Dutton, a 13-year TV and radio weather forecaster, has been tasked to pronounce the most challenging name of a place - and he nailed it.

The said place, with 58 letters for its name, has the longest name in Britain. If you want to try and pronounce it for yourself, here it is: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll­lantysiliogogogoch. I bet you'll get your tongue twisted trying to pronounce that.


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People Aren’t Buying Tickets for Floyd Mayweather’s “Last Fight”

Dismal ticket sales for Money.




You would think that tickets for a Floyd Mayweather fight will be all gone four days before the match, especially if its supposed to be his last fight. But Ticketmaster shows the contrary - there are still roughly 2000 seats available for his match with Andre Berto and the figure is definitely higher when you count the tickets that are given to promoters.

StubHub sales figures ain't pretty either - as of 10 am ET on Tuesday morning, there are only 25 seats sold for more than $1000. The average ticket sales price is $799. This is definitely way below standard for a Mayweather fight, especially if you compare this with the Mayweather-Pacquiao match, which had an average sale of $5095.

Maybe fans aren't so excited about this match.


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