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Customer Orders A Dozen Masks, Gets Mad After Receiving “Only 12”




  • Zada McCray recently sold a dozen custom face masks to a customer.
  • She later received a letter of complaint from the buyer, asking for a refund because Zada “only sent 12.”
  • The store owner refused the request and instead offered a $5 coupon but the buyer was “not interested.”

This is the hilarious moment when a customer complained about receiving 12 customized facemasks after ordering a dozen. Art and crafts store owner Zada McCray shared the story online and it has since attracted a lot of reaction from netizens.

According to Zada, the said customer purchased one dozen of masks for a baby shower. She charged the buyer for a total of $60 since the masks are worth $5 each.

Much to the shop owner’s surprise, she later got an email from the customer with the subject “Wrong mask order.”

The message read:

“Hello. I ordered a dozen custom masks from you. However, you only sent me 12! I really needed them all. I would like a refund please and I will no longer support your business. I try to support black own business but you guys continue to rip people off.”

To her credit, Zada maintained her composure and replied with an apology. She also patiently explained the meaning of the word “dozen.”

The proprietor wrote back:

“A dozen equals 12. If you needed more than a dozen I am more than happy to make the correct amount you need.”

She, however, pointed out that she could not allow an order refund because she met the requirements of the order– although she specified she’s ready to provide more masks as needed and even offered a coupon worth $5.

The customer stood their ground and just replied with “I’m not interested,” saying the event was done and they have “never heard” that a dozen means 12.

“I swear it was pronounced ‘dub zen’ like a dub (20) whatever tho,” added the buyer.

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