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Young Girl Comforts Sick Brother Battling Leukaemia In Heartbreaking Photo

It’s a sweet yet heartbreaking moment for the siblings.

  • A young girl is proving that she is the best sister when she comforted her sick brother in a heartbreaking photo.
  • The image shows the little boy having to vomit as a side effect from chemotherapy.
  • Luckily, his sister was there to comfort him and make sure he was feeling better afterwards.

Dealing with a life-threatening illness is not easy. However, one little boy is getting a lot of support from his own older sister. Their mother shared a photo of the young girl comforting her brother after he got sick from his medication.

Beckett Burge might be young but he is already dealing with a lot of pain. The little boy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Despite all this, little Beckett stays strong with the help of his older sister Aubrey, who never fails to help him when he is too weak. At one point, when Beckett needed to vomit, Aubrey was there to comfort him and provide some reassurance.

Little Aubrey makes sure her brother is feeling better.

The siblings’ mother, Kaitlin Burge, took a photo of the incident and shared the sweet yet heartbreaking moment on social media. According to the mom, Aubrey acted that way because “she knew from experience.” Her parents would usually rub her back when she was sick so she did the same thing for her brother.

“She just picked up from experience and took over. She’d rub his back and tell him it was going to be okay, clean his face up and wash his hands for him,” Kaitlin said.

Kaitlin added that Aubrey carried her little brother back to the living room after they had cleaned him up and asked to help in tidying up in the bathroom. However, her mother told her that it “wasn’t her job.”

“She takes it upon herself to help and make sure everything he comes into contact with is clean. She’s another set of eyes,” Kaitlin said.

The adorable siblings are clearly the best of friends.

Unfortunately, Beckett will need to go through several more months of chemotherapy. Luckily for him, his sister Aubrey is always with him every step of the way.


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