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Nightclub-Goers Party In Wuhan As City Continues To Report ZERO Covid-19 Cases




  • Nightclubs have reopened their doors in Wuhan as the former coronavirus epicenter continues to report no new cases in the city.
  • As seen in the photos, youngsters were spotted enjoying nightlife without wearing face masks or observing social distancing.

It looks like life in Wuhan has gone back to normal as recent photos that circulated online show us that, yes, the former epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic has already reopened its nightclubs. As you will see in the photos below, club goers can be seen enjoying a party without having to worry about wearing masks or observing social distancing.    

According to authorities, Covid-19 has been nearly eradicated in the country as they have reported zero new cases for the past 33 days. There have also been no recorded transmissions in Wuhan since March.

As the rest of the world continues to struggle with coronavirus, nightclubs have already opened their doors in Wuhan.

In a Mirror report, we read that the nightclub goers “are shown packed close together on the dancefloor in the Chinese city, where the Covid-19 pandemic is believed to have originated.”

“Revellers were pictured getting up close and personal with each other in a manner which is banned across large parts of the globe” the website continued.

Of course, it has to be pointed out that the city has since managed to contain the pandemic – which started spreading in December 2019 – with stringent lockdown measures and aggressive rapid testing involving almost 11 million residents.   

Tt can be remembered that this isn’t the first time locals have demonstrated life is back to normal in Wuhan. Last August, thousands attended an outdoor electronic music festival held at the Wuhan Maya Beach Parks.   

The state-backed Global Times newspaper published a story entitled “Wuhan’s after-pandemic pool party sends a message to world: strict anti-virus measures have a payback.”

As the article tells us:

“Wuhan, the city where COVID-19 was first reported and the one hit hardest by the virus, is now welcoming an influx of tourists, and its economy is reviving, which local residents believed should not only be seen as a sign of the city’s return to normalcy, but also a reminder to countries grappling with the virus that strict preventive measures have a payback.”

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