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Pool Party Attracts Thousands In Wuhan, China




  • Wuhan, China has once again made headlines after photos of a rave party has gone viral on social media.
  • The said images were taken during an electronic music festival held at the Wuhan Maya Beach Park.
  • Based on the photos and videos that have circulated online, it looks like the event attracted thousands of partygoers.

Formerly known as the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the city of Wuhan has recently made headlines once again after photos of a massive pool party attracted some attention online. As seen in the viral images below, thousands attended an electronic music festival at the outdoor Wuhan Maya Beach Park – and the place looks totally packed.

According to reports, the said park has reopened its doors last June after authorities gradually started lifting restrictions. To attract more customers, the park even offered a 50% discount for the ladies.

So Wuhan is entirely back to normal now?

The attendees rocked their swimming wear and life jackets as they enjoyed music while in waist-deep water.

Local media, however, added that the venue has only limited the crowd to 50% its usual capacity.

No face masks and no social distancing whatsoever…

As many netizens have pointed out, Wuhan’s “new normal” looks way different compared to UK’s first socially distanced concert or the Walmart parking lot cinemas in the US.

Others, however, expressed concerns that holding big eevents like this may lead to a new wave of community transmissions.

Watch the video here:

It can be remembered that the first case of coronavirus was reported from Wuhan late last year before it started spreading across the country and later on, in many countries. The contagious (and potentially fatal) disease has since forced governments to impose travel bans, enforce lockdowns, and encourage the public to observe certain health protocols in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. Millions have since been infected and thousands have died because of the said virus.

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