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Photo Of The World’s Blackest Baby Surfaced Online. Real Or Fake?





Although people have different skin color, race and religion, we are all living in the same world. We should all embrace our diversities no matter how different we look or think from each other. We are not racists here; we just want to share with you a photo we saw on the web that’s been getting lots of attention lately.

The photo is that of a baby whose skin color looks extremely black. We acknowledge that some of our fellow men do have dark-colored skin but the baby’s is just quite… unbelievable.

Here is the photo:

The infant has even black skin and wait, entirely black eyes as well?


Photo credit: Imgur

Many people think it’s fake — that this is just a doll or the photo was edited through photo-editing apps. However, some believe this is legit, particularly when this next photo surfaced…

In this photo, a man is seen with a toddler who looks like the one in the previous photo, only now, he is older.


Photo credit: Nairaland

Now, what do you think? Real or fake? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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