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What He Created From This Huge Log Will Either Blow Your Mind or Make You Mad!





This wood transformation video shows Soren Berger, a very talented woodworker, creating something lovely from a piece of wood. If you know how to appreciate a piece of art, watching Soren’s mesmerizing craftsmanship will truly impress you. But if you care a lot about nature, this video will surely leave a frown in your face.

Watch the Interesting Video:

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The video already amassed more than 5.4 million views on youtube. Most people think, it’s a waste of raw material in which 90% are wasted just to make an ordinary piece of object that some people considered a work of art.

Some viewers even compared Soren’s process to an old animated video of a factory chopping an entire tree just to make a single piece of toothpick.

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However, according to Rikki Berger, the person who uploaded the video, the wood chips are not actually wasted because they re-used it in other ways.

Please before you write a negative comment about the waste of wood, please realize, this is fast growing pine, it had already been cut down to be used as firewood, the centre of the log is sap wood and is very poor quality, and all the wood chips are reused in another way, for heating, or in the garden. We appreciate your care for nature, and assure you that we too have the same regard for what our planet gives to us.

What can you say about this video? Is it one of the most wasteful products you’ve ever seen made? One of the most beautiful? Leave your opinions below.

H/T: SFGlobe, Soren Berger, Rikki Berger

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