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Women Answer $2 Question, “If You’re a Boy, How Big Would You Want Your Penis to Be?”





During drunken conversations, we often hear our male friends talk and brag about their pen!ses. While the girls are so busy talking about makeup, fashion, cute boys, and yes, sometimes sex, some men are so preoccupied comparing the sizes of their willy. I guess like having strong biceps, 8-pack-abs, and firm glutes, a huge pen!s also adds up to their machismo.

I didn’t know why size mattered so much to them when most women I know say it’s all about the “performance”. Or is it just a woman’s way of sympathizing for those who are not that… gifted?

How big is BIG anyway? 7, 8, 9… 12 inches?

If women are the ones who have pen!ses, what size do you think they’d prefer?

The TreyMoeShow went to the University of Alabama and randomly interviewed several girls in the campus. His 2-dollar question?

“If you were a boy.. how big would you want your penis to be?”

What do you think would most women say? Some of the response the host received from the female students were downright hilarious!

Watch the video:

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