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Woman Who Lost Her Memory Got Engaged To Same Man For The Second Time




  • A young woman lost her memory after an accident left her with a serious brain injury.
  • Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember that she was already married to a man who was truly devoted to her.
  • Despite the memory loss, the couple fell in love all over again and have gotten engaged for the second time.

This might be proof that true love will always prevail. A woman who lost her memory from a brain injury announced that she is engaged to the love of her life. Amazingly, the man happens to be the same man she married three years before her life-changing accident.

The love story of Laura Hart Faganello and her husband Brayden Faganello already started out like a fairy tale. The two first exchanged letters since they lived far away from each other. However, they finally met in Victoria, Canada where they now run a photography company. Although their story should have been great as it was, a tragedy would change their lives.

Meet the lovely couple who fell in love twice.

In 2016, just nine months after their wedding, a large pole fell on Laura while they were setting up for an event. Laura would wake up with no recollection of her life with Brayden as she believed she was still 17 years old.

The memory loss took a toll on their relationship but Laura and Brayden decided to work things out. Laura was initially wary of the “stranger” but soon realized that he was truly committed to making things work. In addition to that, his sweet ways made her fall in love all over again.

In August, Laura announced that she was engaged to the man she somehow met and fell in love with twice in her lifetime. Not surprisingly, people loved the story that was shared on Facebook.

Laura shows off her new engagement ring.

It’s an amazing story that has people hoping they would experience the same kind of true love that the Faganellos have. It certainly proves that love will always find a way.

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