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Woman Performs Death-defying Stunt by Swimming Near Molten Lava





Swimming in open waters, in itself, poses lots of dangers for people. But by adding the element of swimming near molten lava? Now that’s really like staring death in its face.

Pretty hardcore, right? But Australian surfer Allison Teal lives for this kind of extreme challenge.

Teal, a survivalist and filmmaker, is no stranger to this kind of danger. In her latest stunt performed in Hawaii, she paddled to the base of a sea cliff, swam up to the 2,000 degree-lava pouring out from the Kilauea volcano, and paid her respects to Pele (the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes).

Watch the exciting video of her stunt below:

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Hours after she pulled the stunt, Teal learned that a shelf of land actually broke into the area where they went swimming. Aside from the dangers of falling rocks, the water around the area where lava was falling was extremely hot. Falling hardened lava also posed another danger to her; in fact, she was almost hit by one.

Sharing her experience online, Teal wrote on Instagram:

“It was humbling and breathtaking.The rawness, the heat, the crackling & hissing sounds, the reality check that we live on a planet that is alive.”

Well, we may never be as brave as Allison Teal and dare attempt this stunt, but at least we could live vicariously through her!

H/T: Huffington Post

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