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Woman Finally Meets Child Formed From Egg Cell She Donated Two Decades Ago

“It is a mind-bending story. The coincidences are so crazy,” the woman later said.


A woman has finally been reunited with the daughter she was never sure she had. After all, she only donated an egg cell in the past and was left clueless if it was ever used at all.

In order to partly support herself in college, Amy Throckmorton donated her egg cell back in the days. While she was not sure whether the said egg cell was used, she admitted that she always wondered whether someone would come knocking on her door and introduce himself or herself as her child. What Throckmorton did not know, however, was that her egg cell was not only used to give life to another human – the child born partly due to her egg cell had been bent on looking for her!

Elizabeth Gaba was finally led to the woman who makes up half of who she is, thanks to Amy Throckmorton’s photo showing her lounging by the pool.

Since Elizabeth Gaba turned 18, she had already been in active quest for the woman who accounts for half of who she is. Using the file given to her on her birthday (which contains the the photo of her biological mom lounging by the pool and other information), the college student and singer was eventually led to Throckmorton’s door.

There is no denying that Gaba was formed from Throckmorton’s egg cell as they share several qualities.

Upon their joyous meeting recently, both Throckmorton and Gaba were both astounded by the similarities that they share. Apart from studying in the same university, it has been revealed that they are both gifted with vocal prowess. In fact, Throckmorton was once part of the a capella group that Gaba is now part of, the SoCal Vocals.

“It is a mind-bending story. The coincidences are so crazy,” Throckmorton said.

Apart from being talented singers, Gaba and Throckmorton are both passionate about birds, too.

The meeting also answered some mystery in Gaba life. According to the daughter that Throckmorton never gave birth to, she could not explain why she has always been drawn towards birds. Apparently, her passion for feathered animals is something that she inherited from her biological mom.

Gaba said:

“I am really obsessed with birds. I don’t know where they came from but I guess now I know where that obsession comes from.”

Despite Throckmorton having three kids of her own now, she was elated to meet Gaba who considers her a great friend sharing 50 percent of her DNA.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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Spiders Are Friends: Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid Of Them in Your Home

An entomologist explains how these creatures can actually be helpful indoors.

Not a lot of people like spiders, especially not inside their homes. But you should think twice before getting rid of one because, apparently, spiders can be beneficial to have in your home. A lot of them are not dangerous, too.

Entomologist Matt Bertone recently wrote about this topic on The Conversation, where he explains why you shouldn't kill spiders found in your home. He wrote: "Why? Because spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem – as well as being fellow organisms in their own right."

According to Bertone, some spiders are accidentally trapped inside homes, while others are just temporary visitors.

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Poop Transplant Cures Diarrhea Same Way Antibiotics Do, New Study Reveals

People are shoving another person’s poop up their behinds to get rid of diarrhea and this study says it is the right thing to do.

Prioritizing our health is normal. In fact, many people go to great lengths to treat all kinds of illnesses and stay healthy for as long as possible. But would you be willing to have someone else’s feces put into your body in exchange for a healthier colon?

Surprising as it may be, a new medical trend emerges in this technologically-advanced era and it involves a disgusting way of treating diarrhea called "poop transplant."

Clostridium difficile infection is one of the most common causes of diarrhea

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The “Human Fish,” Largest Known Cave-Dwelling Predator Found in Postojna, Slovenia

The cool creatures known as “human fish” were discovered back in 1768.

It's an exciting year for Slovenia's Postojna Cave. The karst cave system known as the "Underground Grand Canyon" is currently celebrating its 200th anniversary. In addition to that, the cave's baby dragons got official stamps in honor of their 250th anniversary.

Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti is credited for giving the "baby dragons" their binomial name Proteus anguinus. Locals also call the aquatic salamander "human fish". The olm is the largest known cave-dwelling animal and can live for over half a century. They live exclusively in Postojna Cave and cannot be found elsewhere.

Postojna Cave was first discovered in 1818 and is the only known home for Proteus anguinus or "baby dragons".

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