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Chinese Woman Gives Birth to Twin Brothers 10 Years Apart

Born on the same day the first was born, on the same hospital, with the same weight.

  • She was able to get pregnant in 2009 after seeking IVF treatment.
  • She went to another round of treatment 10 years after, using the same batch of embryos.
  • The twin brother was born on the same day the first baby was born – on the same hospital, with the same weight.

A Chinese woman identified as Ms. Wang gave birth to her eldest son in June 2010 after a round of IVF. Ten years after, she went for another IVF and then gave birth to the “twin brother” on the same day that the first child was born.

After trying to get pregnant for five years, Wang went to fertility specialists in 2009 for help. Zheng Jie, a doctor at the Hubei Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital in central China, discovered that Wang suffers from blocked fallopian tubes. He suggested that she and her husband consider IVF treatment.

This second child was conceived using the same IVF round used for the first one.

At that time, test-tube babies were still uncommon in China but Wang decided to give it a go. The doctors then cultivated a batch of embryos using the same eggs and sperm.

The second twin was born on the same day and same hospital…

One of those embryos was implanted into Wang straight away, while the rest was frozen. Her first child, whom she nicknamed Lu Lu, was born at the hospital via caesarian later on.

When Wang and her husband decided to have another child, they went back to the same hospital so they can repeat the procedure. The doctors reminded the couple that the chances of having a successful procedure are slimmer, given Wang’s present age.

The 10-year old frozen embryos were thawed out and cultivated in the lab for several days. One was selected to be put in Wang’s womb.

It turned out to be a success. Wang gave birth to her second child on the same day that her first kid was born, also via c-section. She nicknamed the child Tong Tong, which means “same same” in Chinese.

He weighed 3.48 kilograms (7.7 pounds), the same as his brother when he was born.
“We finally meet after 10 years,” the medics said after Tong Tong was born.

Dr. Zheng said that Lu Lu and Tong Tong are twin brothers “from a medical perspective.”


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