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Woman Divorces Paralyzed Husband And Marries His Friend So They Can Take Care Of Him





This may be one of the weirdest yet most interesting and maybe heartwarming love stories you’ll ever read. It’s not your typical love triangle story. A woman in China divorced her paralyzed ex-husband only to marry his best friend after. But the juicy part is that all three of them are living together.

Xie Xiping from Angkang China has been looking after her husband (now ex) Xu Xihan since he became paralyzed as a result of a mining accident in 2002. Later on, she married Xu’s best friend Liu Zongkui. Together, Xie and Liu are taking care of Xu and they all live in one house with all their kids.

Xie has shown her devotion to her first husband, Xu.

Source: CEN
Xu got into an accident while working as a miner at Henan.

Source: CEN
His now ex-wife and her new husband take care of him.

Source: CEN

After Xu got into an accident that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down, Xie never left his side. He was even concerned that she would leave him soon but that was a thought that never crossed Xie. Xu even suggested to his wife to divorce him and marry someone else so she can find the happiness she deserves.

In 2009, however, Xu finally convinced Xie to divorce him and she ended up with Xu’s colleague and good friend, Liu. Xie had two children with her first husband and in 2012, she gave birth to Liu’s baby.

All six of them are living happily under the same roof.

Source: CEN
This setup is weird for many people but all of them are happy.

Source: CEN
Xie never stopped loving Xu.

Liu also doesn’t mind living with Xie’s ex.

He even helps her take care of Xu.

Source: CEN

Many people would find the modern family’s living arrangements as something strange but somehow, they made it work. Xie never stopped caring for her husband, which only proves she’s a devoted wife. Liu, on the other hand, shows his love for Xie by being a compassionate good friend to Xu.

The story about this strange love triangle recently went viral. People had different thoughts about it, with many praising Xie for her deeds while some think that the setup is killing Liu inside. There are also those who agree that this is a heartwarming story of love, compassion, and friendship. What do you think?

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