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Like A Warzone: This Is What New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display Looks Like In Manila

Manila was like a freaking warzone!


You’ve probably never seen a New Year’s Eve like this before. But a typical Philippine New Year’s Eve is extremely wild, you’ll think the entire place is a warzone, with explosions everywhere and fireworks shooting up to the sky. When you’re inside the house, it sounds like the entire city is under heavy aerial bombing. This amateur video, taken from one of the tallest building in Metro Manila, gives us an amazing perspective.

Annie Colbert wrote at Mashable:

Sorry, New York, Sydney and London — Manila’s fireworks dominated New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Colorful explosions blasted in every corner of the Philippines’ capital city as revelers set off fireworks to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Footage shot from a central skyscraper shows the vibrant, deafening and quite dangerous chaos of the festivities.

Watch the video here:

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This kind of scene is relatively unique to the Philippines. In Western countries especially in the United States, fireworks are heavily regulated. It’s quite difficult to purchase one unless you’re a licensed technician.

Indeed, nobody does it like the Philippines. The entire country always experience total anarchy every New Year. The celebration is definitely fun and unforgettable. But it comes with a cost. After the celebration, there are several hundreds if not thousands of fireworks related accidents. Huge fires that destroyed homes and properties, hundreds of amputations mostly on kids. Not to mention the airport having to be shut down and all flights cancelled due to the thick smoke. If you’re not used to it, you’ll definitely think the entire place sounds like a freaking warzone, except all people are having fun.


Grandma Hates “iPhones”. When She Got One As a Gift, Her Reaction? HILARIOUS!

This adorable grandma still uses a land-line phone. She was pretty disappointed when she unwrapped a gift and found an iPhone inside.

We are all finished celebrating Christmas. Most people, especially those who received a smart phone for Christmas, are probably so happy they might have jumped out of joy. But not this adorable grandma who still uses a land-line phone. She was pretty disappointed when she unwrapped a gift and found an iPhone box inside. She exclaimed, she wasn't equipped to handle it.

“I have a landline phone at home, that nobody knows about ‘em I guess, had it for as many years.”

But after a couple of seconds, her disappointment immediately turned into relief and happiness when she found out what it really was.

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Heartless Monsters Cut Off His Paws But He Proved That Love is About Forgiveness!

What kind of monsters would do such a horrible thing?

If you're a dog lover, the following video might be difficult to take. What happened to Nick the dog was cruel beyond words, but his rescue and recovery is truly inspiring! We share this story to raise awareness regarding animal abuse and to inspire everyone to do something about it.

Animales Sin Hogar (translated as Animals Without Homes) was contacted to rescue a poor homeless dog who was missing all 4 of his paws. A concerned dog lover sent them a note along with a photo of the dog's heartbreaking condition. Although the concerned individual was feeding the dog, he knew that the poor creature needed more help than he could provide.

The rescue group sent a volunteer to pick the dog they named Nick and quickly brought him to their animal shelter in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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Couple Thought They Adopted A Mini-Pig, Until It Grew Up Into 670 Pounds Of Cuteness!

At first, they were disappointed. But in the end, it didn’t even matter!

Canadian couple Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter thought they adopted a little pygmy piglet, a type of pig that doesn't grow big. But it turns out, their adorable "tiny piglet" named Esther was actually a full-size commercial pig. In just two years, she grew up into a whopping 670 pounds of cuteness!

Despite of their 'massive' discovery, the couple still decided to keep Esther. They were even more surprised when they found out that their huge pet is actually intelligent and friendly. Since then, they decided to become vegans. They realized that eating other pigs, that are probably just as awesome as their pet, is terribly wrong. Esther also inspired the couple to devote their lives into building an animal shelter.

Esther was only 3 pounds when they adopted her.


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