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Remember How Manila Skies Lighted Up ‘Like A Warzone’ During New Year’s Eve?





You’ve probably never seen a New Year’s Eve like this before. But a typical Philippine New Year’s Eve is extremely wild, you’ll think the entire place is a warzone, with explosions everywhere and fireworks shooting up to the sky. When you’re inside the house, it sounds like the entire city is under heavy aerial bombing.

This amateur video, taken from one of the tallest building in Metro Manila, gives us an amazing perspective.

Annie Colbert wrote:

Sorry, New York, Sydney and London — Manila’s fireworks dominated New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Colorful explosions blasted in every corner of the Philippines’ capital city as revelers set off fireworks to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Footage shot from a central skyscraper shows the vibrant, deafening and quite dangerous chaos of the festivities.

Watch the video here:

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This kind of scene is relatively unique to the Philippines. In Western countries especially in the United States, fireworks are heavily regulated and it’s not easy to purchase unless you’re a licensed technician.

Indeed, nobody does it like the Philippines. The entire country always experience total anarchy every New Year. The celebration is definitely fun and unforgettable. But it comes with a cost. After the celebration, there are several hundreds if not thousands of fireworks related accidents. Huge fires that destroyed homes and properties, hundreds of amputations mostly on kids. Not to mention the airport have to be shut down and all flights cancelled due to the thick smoke. If you’re not used to it, you’ll definitely think the entire place sounds like a freaking warzone, except everyone was having fun.

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