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Weatherman Pronounces 58-Letter-Long Welsh Town Name and Doesn’t Get Tongue-tied

Nailed it.

Ann Nuñez





Liam Dutton, a 13-year TV and radio weather forecaster, has been tasked to pronounce the most challenging name of a place – and he nailed it.

The said place, with 58 letters for its name, has the longest name in Britain. If you want to try and pronounce it for yourself, here it is: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll­lantysiliogogogoch. I bet you’ll get your tongue twisted trying to pronounce that.




According to Dutton, his long stint as a forecaster has helped him be more comfortable and less nervous in front of the screen. He even posted on his Twitter account when he’ll be making the forecast.

Watch how Dutton nailed it in this video:

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Can you pronounce the word? If you can’t, no worries. You’re not alone.

My brain froze in the middle of the word.


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Domain Owner is Offered Big Bucks After Kanye Announced His Plan to Run as US President

Many people are interested in buying the domain from him, but would they really vote for Kanye?

Ann Moises



Four months before Kanye West declared his intentions of running in the 2020 presidential elections, Tramall Ferguson, a 24-year-old fresh graduate, had already bought a few domains on a whim. Unbeknownst to him, one of those domains is about to make him rich.

Several domain buyers offered Ferguson more than $80,000 for domain he purchased last April. The frenzy occurred less than 24 hours after Kanye made that shocking announcement during the VMAs.


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Meet Kristina Pimenova, “The World’s Most Beautiful Girl”

She truly won the genetic lottery!




All children are beautiful. As far as a parent is concerned, his or her child is the most beautiful of them all. But let's face it, there are children who are blessed with such extraordinary good looks that they are able to capture worldwide attention.

At the tender age of 9, Kristina Pimenova has reached supermodel status and has thousands of Facebook and Instagram followers. This is the face now hailed as "the world's most beautiful girl".

The face of an angel...


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Pedestrian Question: “Is Obama a Muslim?” Their Answers will Shock You!

He’s been the US president for seven years now, but apparently, they still don’t know his religion.

Ann Moises



How well do you know your president?

Barack Obama was first elected as the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world last January 2009 and was re-elected last 2013. He is now nearing the end of his second and final term.

Despite his years of service, did you know that the majority of the Republicans are still unsure of Obama’s true religion? According to a new public policy poll, 54% of these people believe he is a Muslim.

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