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Video Of 3-Year-Old Boy Refusing To Let Go Of Baby Brother Goes Viral! This Is So Sweet!





Having a second child is always a challenge. Parents are not the only ones who have to adjust to the new baby, the older sibling too.

The first child is usually showered with love from the family, simply because he is the sole apple of the eye. He always have the best gifts and all the attention. The world is practically his and his only.

This is why parents should adequately brief their first-born when a second baby is about to come out. They have to explain thoroughly how the attention may be divided and that the younger child needs much more attention. It is not easy to understand as a child but for 3-year-old Waylon Matthews, the idea is completely, divinely clear.

Mother Emily Ann posted a video on Facebook showing Waylon snuggling with his new baby brother Wallace. Waylon holds his brother in a very loving way. When asked if he could give the baby to the mother already, he won’t let go. Then he kissed and kissed his brother.

“It’s amazing,” says Emily Ann. “It’s sharing the love. It is. I think that’s what got to everybody, just it’s so real.”

The video was posted in October 2015 and has already garnered more than a million shares.

Watch the video here:

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