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Viral Photo of a Beggar Dog and His Tired Young Master Captured the Hearts of Netizens

A dog doesn’t care how much money you have…


Nowadays, it doesn’t take a lot for something to go viral. Anything that catches the attention of people can be easily spread all over the internet. Some things go viral for the wrong reasons and we can’t really stop them because, hey, people will spread whatever they want to spread.

Fortunately, there are still lots of things that do get popular for the right reasons and this is one of them.

In this photo, you can see a beggar, who could be child or a young teenager, sitting beside his dog on a sidewalk.

This was taken near the LRT station in Manila, just across a university. You can see the special bond between the young master and his dog – who is wearing clothes that are probably from his human. What’s touching is how the pooch is holding a small plastic container between his teeth, which is used for collecting alms from passersby.

The photo quickly became popular on Facebook, gaining numerous likes, shares, and comments.

A concerned citizen dropped some coins on the bucket and he was both amused and sad how the dog just looked at him calmly. Some say the master must be tired from begging so he let the dog take over while he got some rest. Others, however, are a little more cynical saying the dog was used catch attention and entice more people to give alms.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s still a sad thing to realize that there are children and pets on the streets resorting to begging just to get by. We hope that this photos will inspire you to give something to the needy whenever you can.


37-foot Sperm Whale Spotted Dead In Samal, Philippines

The massive whale was found Friday night and was already bleeding by Saturday.

A 37-foot sperm whale was spotted dead in the Island Garden City of Samal in the Philippines. Local residents and beachgoers were surprised to find the massive marine mammal washed up in front of a resort along Babak District.

In a report by the Manila Bulletin, we learn that Darrel Blatchley, a cetacean expert, was immediately called to respond to the beaching.

The whale was found Friday night and was already bleeding by Saturday.

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Woman Gives Up New York Job To Raise Baby Goats With Special Needs

And guess what? She’s “loving every minute of it!”

Leanne Lauricella recently made headlines for doing something fairly out of the ordinary – she gave up her job in New York so she could instead raise baby goats with special needs.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Leanne shared that she was no longer happy with her life as a career woman.

Source: Facebook

She said:

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Shocking CCTV Footage Captures Moment When Rottweiler Attacks 3-Year-Old Boy

Warning: this video is disturbing to watch.

In a shocking twist of things, a 3-year-old boy enjoying a fun playtime with their family dog was suddenly attacked by the animal. Marco Slabbert, the young boy, was outside their house and playing in the garden with their Rottweiler when it jumped on him and bit him on his arms and legs.

The horrific incident happened in South Africa and was captured via CCTV.

Source: YouTube
The video shows poor Marco repeatedly kicking and struggling to escape from the violent dog.

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