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Company Turns Your Loved Ones’ Ashes Into Vinyl Record That Plays Their Voices





There are several ways on how to preserve the memory of a love lost and one of them is through keeping the ashes. The common practice is to either place the ashes in an urn or have them scattered into the ocean. But for a UK company, none of that works because the proper sendoff involves hearing your loved one’s voice over and over.

That sounds a bit creepy but that is what And Vinyly does – to produce vinyl records from the ashes of your loved one. The ashes are sifted and spread on raw vinyl, finished and sealed for you to keep for as long as you live.

And Vinyly is a UK-based company that customizes vinyl records.

Meet its founder, Jason Leach.

The company can use the ashes of loved ones to create vinyl records as a way to remember them by.

And Vinyly also does customization of the vinyl records. The record could come with the departed one’s favorite song or even a voice clip from when your loved one was still alive. That’s not the only weird part of the whole process — if indeed you think it’s weird. There’s also the fact that the company gives you the option of giving them certain body parts to be used on the record. If you plan to be preserved this way, you will need to figure out which part of you will produce the best sound.

People would have mixed reactions on this method of a sendoff. For those who think having the ashes turned into a vinyl record is creepy, the process can be tried out with pets. This way, you can remember your most beloved pooch every day. You’ll even get to hear its bark as if it were still alive.

Then again, there are also those who find this method of sendoff rather cool and touching. Hearing a loved one’s voice over and over can be a very meaningful way to remember them by.

Check out And Vinyly’s founder, Jason Leach, talk about his odd business in the video below.

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