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Soon, We Will Have a Village on the Moon…For Real!

This is the tourist destination of the future!






As if landing and walking on the Moon are not enough for us humans, we will soon be taking vacations there, if the plans of the European Space Agency (ESA) pushes through. Seriously.

The ESA, with the help of other nations who engage in spacefaring, is working on 20-year plan to build a Moon village. This ambitious plan aims to use the village as base for scientific research, like how the International Space Station functions.

But there are rumors that the village will be also used as a mining location and tourist holiday destination.

This video from the ESA features some of the plans that the agency has in relation to the Moon village project.

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Daddy Calls His Son a Loser in Public and Bullies Him in front of Other Kids

Who would expect that this man will humiliate his son in public? Watch how a stranger reacted to the situation.

Kris Evangelista



Everyone makes mistakes. This is particularly true for children who are just learning about life.

But this is not entirely a bad thing, for the mistakes that these kids commit can teach them what to do and how they can improve. This is where parents come in. It is the parents' role to ensure that the mistakes their child commits would bring out the best in their kid, and not call them names and make them feel bad.

When children are branded names, it remains in their mind. This unconsciously molds them according to the name calling they receive from people around them. So just imagine a child being called a loser by his dad in public. Soon, we can expect that he'll be called a loser by his classmates, and this child developing an attitude of a loser is not far-fetched. The child, after being verbally and emotionally abused, can cause attitude problems over time.

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10 Heartwarming Stories That Will Surely Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Honestly, #2 made me tear up a bit.

Mark Andrew



We all love inspirational stories. They warm the heart and, most of all, they restore our faith in humanity.

There’s a lot of negative stuff out there on the web and so it’s always encouraging when we hear about accounts that show us the beauty of the human spirit. Not everyone has embraced a gloomy outlook in life and there are really many who’d do kind things in a heartbeat – sometimes despite their own struggles and difficulties.

Here are 10 feel-good stories we’ve recently encountered online. Go read on and you'll surely see the world through different eyes:

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Couple Quits Job to Play with Kids. Now They Earn More than $1 Million

They left their jobs to focus on what they’re doing now with their kids. And people love them for it, apparently.

Ann Moises



It is common knowledge that the internet has opened doors of opportunity for this generation. And with the rise of the different social networking sites, many individuals were able to share their passions with a wider audience. Consequently, some of them were able to turn these passions into a lucrative career even while staying right in the comfort of their own homes.

Mark and Rhea are amongst those people. And I think many would turn into a green-eyed monster once they learn about their story.

Mark migrated to Los Angeles, California in 2000 whereas his wife, Rhea followed in 2006. The Filipino couple planned on starting their family while managing an employment agency there.

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