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Plus-Size Yoga Advocate Shares Striking Video About Self-Worth And Body Stereotypes.





Sometimes, our flaws and insecurities get the best of us and we end up being stuck in mediocrity. We restrict ourselves from reaching our dreams because we think we are not good enough. But we are, we just have to figure it out ourselves and know our worth as a person.

Despite the strong discrimination against plus-size women, more and more people are taking a stand against bullies and making a difference. In a Facebook video she recently uploaded, plus-size yoga teacher Dana Falsetti slams body image stereotypes with an inspiring and powerful message about how ‘all sizes matter.’

The 22-year-old yogi shatters the slim body that some athleisure brands boast.


Falsetti from New Hope, Pennsylvania was once obsessed about losing weight thinking it will make her happy. Yet after shedding more than 70 lbs from her 300 lbs weight, she realized it’s not what she really wanted. That’s when she turned to yoga where she now finds comfort and contentment without restricting herself because of her size. And she’s killing it.

“After all those pounds went away, I was still me. I was still sad, feeling unworthy, feeling even more confused, and just lost.”


Falsetti said, it’s exactly what she would want to tell her younger self.


“That I have always been worthy and strong.”

She also wants to inspire people and be an example to those who are just like her when she was growing up.


To encourage everyone that their body size shouldn’t limit them from doing what they want–because they can. And yoga is just one of the practices or activities that anyone in different sizes and shapes can achieve.

“You get to decide that you’re worth it,” she explained.

“You have to believe that you are worthy of love and happiness and a fulfilling life. Everything else will get in the way as long as you allow it.”

Watch her awe-inspiring video below:

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Source: Facebook/Dana Falsetti

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