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Hungry Crocodile Jumping out of the Water is the Stuff of Nightmares

As if they aren’t scary enough already…


Jumping into murky river or lake waters is a huge no-no for me because of one terrifying reason: Crocodiles. I swear, this animal is included in my top scariest animals list. I know better than to underestimate what this quiet reptile can do.

According to National Geographic, crocodiles have the greatest bite force ever directly measured for living animals. Its stomach acid is potent enough to digest bones. Suffice it to say, crocodiles are cold-blooded killing machines.

See what I mean?


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Of course, as long as it stays in the water where it belongs, I feel safe. But now I hear stories about crocs who can “fly” –  as in propel themselves out of the water.

Holy crap.


Ohdeargod, noooo.

This video shared on Instagram by Trevor Frost, a National Geographic photographer and Eddie Bauer adventure guide, is something that can make me wet my pants. The mean-looking croc was eyeing its bait (probably meat) being hovered around a feet above its head. Then slowly, the damn thing rose from the water, trying to take a bite. Its tail was swishing from side to side, which was probably the “propeller”.

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Okay. I’m so not going near a river from now on.


Real-Life Flying Dragons Found In Indonesia

Draco volans, found in Indonesia, are the closest thing you can get to dragons.

My little boy loves Toothless – that young Night Fury dragon from the animated blockbuster “How to Train Your Dragon.”

I think I may have unintentionally shattered his enthusiasm for these high-flying, fire-breathing creatures though when I told him one day that they weren’t true. The disappointment was apparent in his face. He later confessed he wanted one for a pet but alas, I have just revealed dragons are fictional.

But hey, it seems things aren’t too late yet.

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Dog Shows Unexpected Displeasure With The Arrival of ‘Baby Sister’

When a family dog is informed a new member would be joining the household, he makes his reaction so clearly, and very wetly apparent, to the horror of his human.

In most homes, dogs are considered part of the family, pampered with as much love and care as the humans members. Not surprisingly, these pets take on almost-human personalities and demand their own share of attention, believing themselves firmly entrenched within the family order, and confident in their position in the hierarchy.

Like Charlie, a dark chocolate Lab mix, for instance, who is gently eased into an introduction to a new family member who is expected to be joining the household in the very near future.


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Cape Cod Beachgoers Rush to Save Beached Great White Shark

A great white shark washed up ashore on a beach in Cape Cod, and hundreds of people tried to save it instead of running for their lives.

A great white shark washed up ashore on a beach in Cape Cod, and hundreds of people tried to save it instead of running for their lives.

What’s the first thing anyone in the ocean can think of when coming face to face with a great predator from the deep? The first impulse is to scream and swim away as fast as anyone can. Or run hell bent for leather towards shore away from immediate danger of consumption.

Great white sharks don’t inspire warm, fuzzy feelings, what with their cold, clammy skin, evil-looking slit eyes, gargantuan mouths, rows upon rows of sharp, serrated teeth, and their tendency to take huge chunks out of people.

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