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Hilariously True Differences Between Men and Women




#5. Bed Space Percentage

Men and women differences 5

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Who can relate to this? Well, at least he has enough space. Men, don’t make your wife angry or you might end up sleeping in a couch or floor. What do you think?

#6. Going to the Toilet

Men and women differences 6

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Share us your thoughts and observation about this. Are women very patient to line up and wait for their turn?; whereas some men are everywhere doing some things quietly?

#7. Getting Over a Break up

Men and women differences 7

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In a research break ups beat women so painful but men are the ones that have a harder time healing and moving on. When most women moved on, they enjoy the new chapter of their lives. Whereas a study says that several men have trouble recovering from a break up.

# 8. Men are Like Boxes While Women are Like Spaghetti

Men and women differences 8

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Most men tend to simplify a lot of things. They focus on one thing most of the time, if its work it’s purely work. If they have leisure time, it’s for free time time. Men put everything in just one box, a one big compartment. Women process things more keenly. Every thought and idea are connected to one another like a spaghetti. Women love more details. (More next page…)

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