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Hilariously True Differences Between Men and Women

Find out the 12 most comical men and women differences! You won’t stop laughing!

Kris Evangelista




#5. Bed Space Percentage

Men and women differences 5

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Who can relate to this? Well, at least he has enough space. Men, don’t make your wife angry or you might end up sleeping in a couch or floor. What do you think?

#6. Going to the Toilet

Men and women differences 6

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Share us your thoughts and observation about this. Are women very patient to line up and wait for their turn?; whereas some men are everywhere doing some things quietly?

#7. Getting Over a Break up

Men and women differences 7

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

In a research break ups beat women so painful but men are the ones that have a harder time healing and moving on. When most women moved on, they enjoy the new chapter of their lives. Whereas a study says that several men have trouble recovering from a break up.

# 8. Men are Like Boxes While Women are Like Spaghetti

Men and women differences 8

Photo credit: Axeeel / Imgur

Most men tend to simplify a lot of things. They focus on one thing most of the time, if its work it’s purely work. If they have leisure time, it’s for free time time. Men put everything in just one box, a one big compartment. Women process things more keenly. Every thought and idea are connected to one another like a spaghetti. Women love more details. (More next page…)

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15 Hilarious Dogs With No Concept of “Personal Space”

Space invasion? Dogs surely are the masters of that!

Mika Castro



We know that dogs are the most loyal of creatures. They will protect us from strangers and sometimes save our lives. They can make good baby-watchers too. They also have unconditional love for their masters even if we scold them sometimes for chewing on the furniture, or mummifying themselves with the toilet paper roll for the nth time.

In fact, dogs can be too loyal, or love cuddles too much that sometimes they might be invading other's personal space... Just like the canines in these pictures below!

Baby's car seat? But but.. that's my spot!


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Epic Fail Martial Arts ‘Master’ Simply Couldn’t Break A Wooden Board

I feel bad for this guy’s students already!

Mark Andrew



I grew up admiring martial artists from a distance. You know, I never got fully into it but I always enjoy watching a good martial arts movie. Or a brutal MMA match. Or a nice demo video posted on YouTube. There’s really something about these kick-ass guys and gals that truly impress me.

The clip below, however, is not only a mess but a total epic failure. This so-called martial arts “trainer” stood in front of his students to show them his strength and skill by breaking a wooden board. The sad thing about this is that he failed every single freaking time.

This martial arts instructor tried really hard to break the board by punching it.

worst-martial-arts-demo 1

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Kid Eats Skunk Spray-Flavored Jelly Bean! You Can Guess What Happens Next.

A boy thinks he can handle the challenge of biting into a jelly bean that tastes pretty awful…but nausea proves to be an unstoppable force.

Faye Williams



Appealing to people's sense of adventure and willingness to look utterly bamboozled, Jelly Belly has come out with its Bean Boozled line. Inside a box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled, there are several pairs of jelly beans that look alike. However they taste completely different — one tastes great and one tastes terrible.

For instance, two black jelly beans could could come in licorice and skunk spray flavors. It's up to you if you want to take a chance and bite into the jelly beans to see which is which.

Here are both the great and truly awful flavors you're bound to taste.


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