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Vegan Woman In Cow Costume ‘Mourns’ For Meat Products In Supermarket

Apparently, the bizarre stunt was done to send a message about animal rights.

  • A woman dressed as a cow has been spotted in a Woolworths store in Perth, Australia.
  • A member of vegan group Direct Action Everywhere, the woman was seen ‘mourning’ for the meat products sold at the supermarket.
  • The bizarre stunt has been met by mixed reactions from netizens.

First off: there’s nothing wrong about being a vegan. People have different preferences anyway so if you don’t want to eat meat, that’s totally up to you. The moment, however, that you start staging ridiculous protests and try guilt-tripping others who don’t share your beliefs, is a good indication that you’ve crossed the line and are already being too extreme.

Case in point, one vegan woman recently made headlines after deciding to pull a silly stunt in a Woolworths branch in Perth, Australia. Wearing a cow onesie, she went straight to the store’s meat section in an attempt to send a message about animal rights.

According to a Yahoo report, the vegan activist is a member of vegan group Direct Action Everywhere. Apparently, the woman was spotted kneeling down and looking at meat products, seemingly mourning about the animals’ death.

At one point, she was also seen laying down in front of the fridge, pretending to be dead, while holding a sign that said “You’ve been lied to” and telling people to “YouTube Dominion.” Dominion is a documentary about animal rights which was released last year.

Although staff members initially ignored the woman, she was eventually asked to leave the store premises.

Not surprisingly, the woman’s video eventually went viral on social media and even captured the attention of several news sources. Netizens, of course, had mixed reactions about the stunt, with some praising the woman and others mocking her.

One woman on Facebook wrote:

“Well done guys. Keep up the good work. For the animals always.”

Another made fun of her, saying:

“I’d love to eat a huge, juicy burger right in front of her.”

Meanwhile, Direct Action Everywhere has admitted that they are planning target more stores for their upcoming protests.

Watch this video report:

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