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13 Lone Protesters Spotted Standing Against Racism In The U.S.

These protesters prove that no voice is ever too small.

Susie Steck




  • Lone protesters for Black Lives Matter movement have expressed their call for justice the death of George Floyd while in the hands of Minneapolis police officers.
  • These protesters are standing up for the cause, proving that “no voice is ever too small”.

Following George Floyd’s death, Black Lives Matter protests have rapidly spread in the United States where people have openly spoken against racism and injustice against the Black community. The protests happened in numerous areas across the country including Washington D.C., New York, Minneapolis, and other parts of North and South California.

Additionally, there were also several individuals who could not afford to join the mass protests. That, however, did not stop them from showing their support for the movement.

Needless to say, these lone protesters are a great proof that no voice is ever too small. Check out their photos below!

1. Jeorge’s mother did her own Black Lives Matter march

Twitter user Jeorge (@baddiejezzy) shared a photo of his mother marching along the street alone. His mother was spotted carrying a “I Can’t Breathe” placard while pulling a cart with American flag.

Jeorge even shared a video of his mom:

2. Honk if you Agree

Randy Danner also shared a photo of a young African American girl protesting along the street.

“Few cars drive by and honked in support,” he said.

3. The Karens finally doing some good!

Bored Panda posted a woman who identified herself as a “Karen”. generally, the term refers to someone who throws a tantrum over something. They are known to be self-entitled and demanding,

This Karen, however, is very different, as can be seen in her placard.

4. Canadian firefighter agrees that Black Lives Matter

Firefighter Adrian McCreath sat at the intersections of 100 street and 100 avenue to condemn racism against Black people.

5. Grandpa apologizes for not eliminating racism

A Reddit user posted about an old man at a public park with a sign where he apologizes to the present generation for not eliminating racism during his time.

6. “This man has been standing alone in our town square for the past few days”.

Another Reddit user shared a photo of an old man who has been protesting alone for days.

7. “Am I Next?” A Black American asked.

Another lone Black American protester was seen in Lacey, Marvin Road.

His message read:

“Am I next?”

8. He ran all the way ahead and stood alone.

In West Palm Beach, Florida, a man ran all the way ahead to protest and stand before a barricade.

9. Because it does f*cking matter.

A guy protested alone with his “strongly” worded Black Lives Matter placard. Unfortunately, he has later reported for “inciting riots” to and 2 policemen arrived in the scene.

The complainant explained that she felt “threatened by the premise that “Black Lives F*cking Matter”.

10. An 80-year-old lady in Palm Beach went out on her own to defend what she feels is right
11. Sitting outside past “curfew” as a way of protesting and supporting Black Lives Matter movement
12. Justice for George Floyd

Another lone protester was seen in the middle of the small town traffic circle in Washington.

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