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9 Countries To Visit Before They Become Popular





Out of the 195 countries in the world, we can count with our hands the usual destinations that people want to travel to. Italy and France top the list, while Thailand and New Zealand will always be a topic for conversation.

While these countries are indeed worthy of their popularity, the world has a lot more to offer. Many countries are extremely underrated. They fly under the radar and are ideal for a fantastic vacation.

1. Colombia

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Due to its past reputation of being a country ran by drug cartels, Colombia’s tourism plummeted. Things have improved of course, and Colombia is now the second most biodiverse nation on the planet.

2. Bolivia

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The silver mines of Potosi and “the world’s most dangerous road” are some of the must-see places in Bolivia.

3. Canada

Source: Pixabay

Canada doesn’t have the tropical beaches to brag about, but they have picturesque national parks and gorgeous turquoise lakes.

4. Northern Ireland

Source: Pixabay
Northern Ireland is another country with a violent past but is now peaceful.

Source: Pixabay

The country offers medieval castles, the Giant’s Causeway, and magnificent cliffs overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

5. Zambia

Source: Pixabay

Have you ever seen a wildebeest before? Zambia is the most likely place you’ll ever see one.

6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Source: Pixabay

This nation is the most overlooked destination among Caribbean travelers. White sand beaches and azure waters await visitors in this tropical paradise.

7. Albania

Source: Pixabay

This Balkan nation just sits north of Greece and across Italy, but very few people care to visit this misunderstood state. Albania offers ancient hilltop castles, 7th-century ruins, and even beautiful beaches.

8. Bhutan

Source: Pixabay

This once-isolated nation is home to the Tiger’s Nest, a 320-year-old monastery considered by many as the most sacred religious site in the world.

9. Montenegro

Source: Pixabay

This underrated country is the opposite of its neighbor Croatia, which gets all the attention. The picturesque Old City, ancient cathedrals, and small villages near the shores should entice you to visit this nation.

These countries are stunning and are all safe to visit. They just weren’t able to get their fair share of publicity, and tourists. For those who knew better, there is so much to experience in opting to take the road less traveled.

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