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Ukraine’s “Tunnel Of Love”, a Perfect Dreamy Romantic Spot





Somewhere in Ukraine, there’s a dreamy site that’s just perfect for everyone – especially lovers. Those who are planning for an unforgettable romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day should consider the destination called the Tunnel of Love. This site appears to be just a regular train rail section but it has now become one of the most romantic locations in the world. Forget Paris, the City of Love — Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love is the new place to discover.

Trees along the sides of the train tracks were left to grow freely and the train was the only thing that passes through the site. Eventually, with the train crossing Klevan village forest back and forth about three times a day, the tunnel got its hauntingly beautiful shape. Today, the site is loved by many couples. There’s even the belief that if a couple, who’s sincerely into each other, passes through the tunnel while holding hands, they can make a wish that’ll come true.

The Tunnel of Love is a popular tourist spot in Ukraine.

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Its dreamy and romantic scenery makes it a popular spot for lovers.

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One interesting fact about the Tunnel of Love is that it was once used in the Cold War to bring military equipment to a secret military base nearby.

Now, trains that pass by carry loads of plywood to a nearby factory.

Here's the dreamy Tunnel of Love during winter.

In Autumn, the scenery is even more romantic.

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At times, there are no trains that will pass by…

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So lovers get to do this….

…and this. Wedding photoshoots are popular in the Tunnel of Love.

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