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Women Are Happier Single, According to Report





Women have made great strides in the past few decades. Today, women are seen as powerful, productive, and important members of society. Gone are the days when the woman’s place was only in the kitchen. Today, she can be wherever she pleases.

Also gone is the thinking that a woman can only be defined by her romantic relationship. She doesn’t need to be with a man to find purpose. She doesn’t need to marry or have children to be fulfilled. She can craft her own destiny.

A UK report supports the belief that women are actually happier when single.

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Consumer analyst Mintel’s Single Lifestyles UK 2017 Report reveals that more single women (61%) are happier with their relationship status compared to single men (49%). Overall, it appears that single British women are in no hurry to find a partner.

Seventy percent of single women, but only 65 percent of single men, haven’t tried looking for a partner in the past year.

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Of those singles who did try to find a partner, 68% used digital methods like dating apps, 40% tried to meet people through friends, 19% attended events, and 6% tried speed dating.

Previous studies have shown that women do tend to enjoy single life more than men for various reasons.

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It could be because women tend to put more work into relationships, or because women tend to enjoy alone time more compared to men, or women enjoy opportunities to create the life they want while they are single. Jack Duckett, Senior Consumer Lifestyles Analyst at Mintel, said:

“It is easy to assume that all singletons are actively looking for a partner; however, our data shows that this is far from always being the case. Much of this reluctance to look for a partner can be attributed to the young increasingly prioritising their education, careers and financial stability over being in relationships.”

The single life also has its drawbacks, according to the report.

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These include financial issues and societal pressures. Only 36% of singles in the UK say they feel financially secure, compared to 52% of those who are in a relationship. Meanwhile, over one in three (38%) singles worry about being alone. And in today’s social media-obsessed world, the research finds that 33% of singles say they feel pressure to make their life seem more fulfilled than it actually is.

What do you think of these findings? Do you agree?

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