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Two Tourists Perform CPR To Save Drowning Man In Boracay In Tense Video

Their quick actions made sure that the man would see another day!


A day at the beach can be fun and exciting. However, one little accident almost cost a man his life. Luckily, two tourists acted quickly and managed to save the drowning victim.

The incident took place in the resort island of Boracay in Aklan, Philippines. According to a Facebook post by user JP Liwag Kabigting, the man was initially having fun with his companions before he somehow ended up drowning. Although the victim was quickly taken to shore, it was discovered that there were no lifeguards in the area. Luckily, two tourists who were also on the island sprang into action and immediately performed CPR on the man.

Watch the tense video below:

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Kabigting shared their account on the incident:

“This happened around 5pm in Boracay.

“The man was paddleboarding with his companions behind us while we were swimming. There were four of them that appeared to be partners. They were laughing and happily paddling but later we heard someone shouting for help. We found out that he had already drowned. It was a good thing that we were close to them so we took him to the shore right away. According to his friend, he has jumped from the board and hit his head which made him lose consciousness and drown. When we got to the shore there were no lifeguards available. It’s a good thing that the girl who knew CPR otherwise he couldn’t have been saved.

“To Louisa Jasmin Jenkins and Justine Navarra who performed CPR and saved this man’s life. We can’t thank you enough and may God bless you and your family.

“He gained consciousness in the latter part of the video and hopefully has recovered in the hospital.”

The Facebook user also added a message to the management of Boracay and the province of Aklan, calling for action for the lack of emergency personnel on the island.

“It would be best if you have plenty of available lifeguards who can act on incidents like this. There wasn’t even a stretcher around. The man had to be placed on a chair so he can be carried to the ambulance. The only lifeguard post that we saw is close to Willy’s Rock which is about 500 meters away. If there was a lifeguard, they couldn’t have seen that someone was in an accident. If they did see it, it could take a long time to respond because they are too far away.

There should be a lifeguard every 200 meters because the distance between lifeguards is too far away. From Willy’s Rock, the next post could be found in DMall, according to a local we spoke to. There are too many tourists especially during peak season so the current number of lifeguards will not be able to handle the situation. I am sure that nobody wants something like this to happen so I hope you can act on this immediately so we can avoid incidents like this that could affect the tourism in your area. Thank you very much.”

It was truly a shocking incident that ended well because of the actions of two tourists. For now, the Boracay management has yet to announce stricter emergency protocol on the island.

This happened around 5pm in boracay. Nagpapaddleboard lang sila ng mga kasama nya sa likod namin habang naglalangoy…

Posted by JP Liwag Kabigting on Monday, March 11, 2019


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