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Twin Toddlers Escape from Their Cribs at Night to Discuss Life and Have a Wrestling Party


Nanny cams have become a necessity in modern homes. Although nothing beats being physically around your children, it certainly helps to know what they’re up to via these cameras.

Nanny cam footage can be a treasure trove of internet gems, too, like this video of twin toddlers Andrew and Ryan wreaking havoc around their room in the middle of the night.

Everything looks well and peaceful until one of the twins escapes from his crib.

His twin brother follows suit, and the two spend some time on the couch, perhaps to talk about life and other existential things.

Nothing sweeter than two brothers spending some quality time.

The two troublemakers continue to move around the room, climbing in and out of their cribs and piling pillows on top of each other.

What for, you ask? Why, for wresting party, of course!

The twins continue their little wresting party until their dad, Jonathan Balkin, comes in to put them back inside their cribs and to give them some good parenting talk.

Daddy’s not happy, boys.

Not long after their father had left the room, the two boys climbed out of their cribs yet again to continue their midnight fun.

We’re not sure what these boys had before bed, but they sure seem so full of energy.

The two boys, at one point, even relocated their little wrestling area to the other end of the room. They kept on climbing in and out of their cribs, and even relaxed on the couch one more time for some heartfelt bro-on-bro talk.

Little did they know the parents were on their way.

Source: Just4Joy
Dad returns, but not without help from mommy.

The boys probably knew the celebration was over once they saw their mom, Susana, enter the room. But they weren’t giving up without a teeny fight. They spent one more moment on the couch after their parents left, and then finally climbed their cribs and went to sleep.

The world needs to watch out for this awesome twosome.

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