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10 Travel Scams and Rip-Offs to Watch Out For When You Travel Abroad

There are effective ways to counter scammers – specifically by understanding how these crooks work!


In a recent statistics, there were around 1.235 billion international tourists across the globe. That goes to show that human beings love to travel and explore the world. In terms of the popular countries among tourists, the list includes the USA, France, Italy, China, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

But with the increase of tourists, deceivers have also doubled in numbers. These scumbags continue to trick travelers in hopes to scam them. Apparently though, some tourists are also to be blamed. They simply rely too much on locals and fail to recognize scammers.

There are, however, plenty of ways to counter these deceivers – and one of them is by understanding how these thieves work. Below are some of them.

#1. Lost Items

While you are walking on the street, you notice a bracelet, a ring, or something that is expensive. Obviously, you would want to pick it up – and here is where things start to roll. A stranger will come forward and encourage you not to look for the owner, suggesting that you both split the value. But since he knows it is fake, he will tell you to keep the piece yourself and that you just give him a certain amount of money. Later on, you will find out that the item is indeed fake and that you have just been scammed.

#2. Pseudo Fortune Telling

Some people in different countries earn a living through pseudo fortune telling. They will eventually convince you about how you can save money or something. As much as possible, do not be deceived. They will offer you items that really do not work in exchange for money.

#3. Private Taxis

Some taxi drivers are good, but a great number of them love to scam tourists. For instance, you tell the driver to drop you off at this place. Since he knows that you do not know a thing or two about directions, he will try to circle around places just so you will pay a higher rate. As much as possible, book with a transport company that tells you the actual fee before the transportation happens.

#4. Fares

Like the aforementioned, taxis and other public transportation vehicles will often charge you a bit more. This is often the case in countries where the means for transportation is either riding a bus or taxi.

#5. Dishonest Seller

These crooks are often found in small shops where souvenirs are being sold. They will try to convince you about a certain item and that you can buy it a lower rate. In reality, it is actually really cheap. You will be surprised after asking a few locals that the item you bought costs a bit less.

#6. Unofficial Ticket Sales

Let us say you want to visit a museum or a park, you obviously need to purchase a ticket. In most cases, however, you will be tempted to buy from street vendors who claim to offer discounts. Be very careful, though, as they could be selling to you a fake ticket.

#7. A Call From Reception

This usually happens when you stay at a hotel or inn. Someone will try to pretend to be from the property’s front desk and will ask you of your credit card information, so the services can be paid.

Never ever give you card’s information. Otherwise, you will be surprised that your Statement of Accounts is packed with figures you did not spend.

#8. Rental Housing

Nowadays, more and more tourists are opting to stay in apartments or “for rent” houses. There is a great chance, however, that the owner will try to ask you to pay for the fee after you supposedly damaged the property.

#9. New Friends

Here is where a group of individuals will try to get close to you to win your trust. They will even try to make friends off with, though their main agenda is to rip you off.

#10. Asking to Make a Call

A very worried or confused individual will try to approach you on the street. He/she will ask if it is okay that for him/her to borrow your phone. Truth is, they are going to run away with your device the moment you give to him/her. So please – stay away from them.


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