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Transgender Taxi Driver Wins £4 Million in Lottery and Gets A New Look





What would you do if you win £4 million in the lottery? Would you buy a big house or a nice car? For one transgender taxi driver, the answer is actually a no-brainer – and that is to get a massive makeover.

57-year-old Melissa Ede happily went under the knife after winning the scratchcard jackpot to get a ‘younger, fresher and more feminine’ appearance. A former reality TV personality, Ede now makes a living by driving a cab and she previously set up a GoFundMe page so she could afford dentures.

Melissa Ede’s life has since changed after the big win!

Source: MEN Media

As luck would have it, she doesn’t have to ask money from others anymore. With her new-found fortune, she spent about £30,000 for different cosmetic surgery procedures and so she now looks like a different person.

She has since undergone multiple procedures to enhance her appearance.

Source: MEN Media

In a Metro post, we learn that Ede has had “botox, cheek fillers, lip fillers, dermabrasion to remove ‘superficial layers of skin’, a brow lift and fillers under her eyes to remove dark circle and under-eye plumping.”

She also had a treatment for her sagging jowl.

Source: MEN Media

While impressed with the transformation, Rachel Nason, her fiancé, takes time to joke about it. She commented:

“It’s made a massive difference. Her face has a shape to it now instead of just hanging.

“I’m just waiting for her to say, ‘I just want a head transplant’ and I think she will be happy.’

The next step for Melissa? She’s planning to enhance her nose and teeth.

Source: MEN Media

She’s also thinking about having a facial feminisation surgery, although she is still unsure about it at the moment.

As Melissa shared:

“I want to get a nose job done and the teeth. I’ve been looking at something called facial feminisation surgery. I’ll see how I feel once the teeth and everything have gone in.

“I just want to feel younger, fresher and more feminine.”

Watch Melissa’s TV interview here:

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