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Dashboard Cameras Capture Terrifying Moment Taiwanese Airplane Crashed On a Bridge





A dashboard camera of a Taiwanese driver captured the terrifying moment of TransAsia flight GE235 crashing into a river near the country’s capital city of Taipei. The chilling footage shows the plane, a turboprop ATR-72, rolling sharply to the left as it descends over an elevated bridge. TransAsia Airways has confirmed in a Facebook post that the plane carried 58 people — five crew members and 53 passengers. At least 13 people died in the crash.

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The incident was also confirmed by Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council who issued a statement that there had been a plane crash at around 10:45 AM local time.

Xinhua News: 27 people were rushed to hospital after being rescued from the plane’s fuselage.


Photo credit: BBC News Asia

The dramatic video and pictures cropping up on social media are staggering; footage of the crash was caught on several drivers’ dashcams.

The taxi cab that was hit by the plane’s wing.


Photo credit: Steve Herman

In the dash cam footage, which was tweeted by Twitter user Missxoxo168, the plane’s wing appears to have hit a car traveling along the expressway. Several photos taken by Taiwan’s TVBS showed the taxi cab on the same stretch of road with extensive damage that could have been caused by collision with the plane’s wing.

Survivors were rescued from the river where the plane’s fuselage submerged.


Photo credit: TVBS

Some of the witnesses captured several footage and pictures from the site of the crash where rescuers are busy on their rescue efforts to extract passengers from the crashed plane, three hours after the country’s aviation authority said there had been a plane crash. Some photos taken by TVBS reveals most of the plane was submerged in water, and rescuers used inflatable boats to reach the fuselage.

Watch the Terrifying Video:

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This is the 2nd TransAsia ATR-72 turboprop plane to crash in Taiwan in just six months. In July last year, at least 48 people were killed when TransAsia flight 222 crashed in Penghu, off the coast of Taiwan, after a failed landing attempt due to typhoon conditions. These recent two fatal crashes was a serious blow to the Taiwanese aviation industry, which is still currently working for changes on its safety record after several high-profile crashes in the 1990s and 2000s.

Source: TVBS

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