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This Touching Polish Christmas Ad Will Definitely Make You Shed Some Tears

While so many ads are focused on selling Christmas gifts, there’s one Polish ad that sends a more important message.


Poland’s most popular online auction Allegro has released a masterpiece of a Christmas commercial about an elderly Pole who orders a book on learning English. And since he’s still a beginner, we see him slowly learning different English words and phrases.

Keep in mind that you might want to have tissues ready before you start watching this video!

It starts off with the elderly man opening an Allegro package filled with stuff labeled “English for Beginners,” including a pair of headphones. And we see that he has ordered his package online. With some help from his canine companion, the old man begins to practice speaking in English.

The old Polish man is initially intimidated by the language, but he soldiers on.

Source: Allegro

Unsatisfied with just speaking the English phrases out loud, he starts labeling everything in his home with post-its in English. He even practices his English in the bath, as he’s having breakfast, and even on the bus.

The adorable old man even takes some notes from TV by recreating the dialogue of an action movie in the bath with his rubber duckie.

Source: Allegro

Later on, we see the old man ordering online again. And a package arrives for a suitcase, which he immediately fills up with his essentials, all the while referring to each item in English.

This is the part when you start to wonder why he’s going through all this trouble to try to learn English. And then he departs…

And we see that he has arrived in Argentina. He stops at the doorstep of a house where he is greeted by a young couple, presumably his son and his son’s wife. And then a timid little girl joins them, looking up at this elderly stranger in her home.

And the old man’s first words to the little girl are, “Hi, I’m your grandpa.”

Watch the video here:

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JK Rowling is the First Billionaire to Fall Off Forbes List Due to Charitable Donations

The Harry Potter author has been removed from the Forbes Billionaires list due to taxes and her extensive charity work.

When Forbes announced their list of the World's Billionaries, people were astounded to find that everyone's favorite female billionaire author was no longer on the list. JK Rowling is, of course, known for her "Harry Potter" book series.

JK Rowling began her Harry Potter series while she was a single mother on welfare until she rose to fame due to the success of her book.

JK Rowling was among 129 people to be removed from the list because they lost their billionaire status. But even more surprising is the reason she was removed from the list! She is no longer on the Forbes list because of two things: One, the high British taxes she needs to pay; and two, her huge donations to charity.

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Dad Cries With Joy After His Kids Surprise Him With Brand New SUV

A Filipino dad gets the surprise of his life when his grown kids present him with a brand new car to show their gratitude and love for him.

In Philippine culture, family comes first. Filipino parents nurture their children well into adulthood. Filipino kids see their dad or mom as role models.

Many Filipinos continue to live at their family's home even after they themselves have gotten married. Filipino parents usually want to help their grown kids save up a bit first before they strike out on their own. They also serve as default babysitters for their grandchildren, whom they enjoy spoiling with all kinds of treats.

Eventually, when it's the kids who have the capacity to support their parents, they either give them regular financial support or they have their parents live with them.

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12-Year-Old Hobart Boy Sews Teddy Bears for Sick Kids in the Hospital

For this young man, making ill children happy is his source of joy.

What do typical 12-year-old boys do? Some play sports, some enjoy getting into mischief, others spend most of their time with friends, while most of them are seen with their heads buried in their mobile phones and gaming devices.

Not this boy.


Source: Daily Mail

Twelve-year-old Campbell Remess from Hobart, Tasmania makes teddy bears. He doesn’t make them for himself, however.

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