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Snowboarder Who Broke His Back In Accident Takes Up Extreme Wheelchair Skating Instead




  • While snowboarding in 2017, Tony Thogmartin fell into an accident that broke his back and caused him to be wheelchair-bound.
  • In spite of what happened, he eventually decided to pursue a new passion: extreme wheelchair skating where he is now achieving fame and inspiring people.

In 2017, newbie snowboarder Tony Thogmarin found himself in a lifechanging accident that led to him breaking his back. He ended up spending 40 days in the hospital and he got paralysed from the waist down.

Fast forward to the present, he is now 25 years old and, as it appears, he hasn’t abandoned his passion for action and adventure at all. Although he has been wheelchair-bound since the tragedy, he did not allow that to stop him from pursuing what he loves best – skating.

Now Tony Thogmartin is making a name for himself in the world of extreme wheelchair skating!

In a Unilad feature, we read Tony sharing:

“I saw a few people doing it with a wheelchair and it just pushed me to be the best I could be at it.”

Riding his modified WCMX (wheelchair motocross) chair, he pushes himself to the limit enjoying his favorite sport by joining competitions. He took home the silver medal in the North American Championship and 2as named 2nd place in the USA National Championship of Skateboarding.

He added:

“I train at the skatepark three-four times a week, but it’s more than just skating. The other days I’m doing some type of body conditioning such as weight training or cardio.

“When I’m at a skatepark, everyone stops and stares in amazement of what they are watching. It makes me really nervous but I’ve accepted it and they are right to stare, it’s pretty crazy.”

So does he still get injuries while wheelchair skating?

“You don’t skate and not get hurt, it’s just part of it,” explained Tony. “In my chair, I have broken my wrist, my finger, and also blew apart my fingertip and had to get it stitched back together.”

“I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing. I have taken this tragedy and turned it into a positive and have had some great opportunities along the way,” he also said.

Watch this video to see him in action:

For more updates, you can go check him out on his official Instagram account.

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