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Artist Reimagines Classic Disney Characters Living in the Modern World

This guy’s “Alt Disney” series is actually witty and thought-provoking.


We here at EliteReaders love featuring and following artists that create witty, thought-provoking masterpieces, regardless of their medium or choice of genre. Recently, we discovered the work of Tom Ward, a graphic artist from the United Kingdom and, being huge Disney fans, we truly got excited with his stuff!

In a series of illustrations he called “Alt Disney,” Ward shows us what it would be like for classic characters from Disney’s animated films to live in the here and now – our modern world.

Ward posted the drawings on his social media pages and things just exploded from there. The artworks received a lot of shares, likes, and comments from netizens everywhere. Shortly thereafter, numerous viral news websites also started paying attention.

A BoredPanda feature, for example, praised Ward for connecting “the storylines of several classic Disney movies to modern social issues, creating a dark but intriguing look at reality through the eyes of our fictional childhood heroes.”

“The images provide powerful commentary on water pollution, animal abuse, obsession with technology, and a range of other subjects,” BoredPanda continued, “as if to point out that although the world of Disney is full of magic and happy endings, the world we live in has serious problems that must be discussed.”

Go check out Tom Ward’s viral “Alt Disney” drawings below:

1. “Well that long nose is quite useful, Pinocchio!”

2. Gaston and Lefou at the Pride Parade.

3. “Don’t worry, Baloo, I’ll save you!”

4. Sorry, Cinderella, but your Prince Charming is busy.

5. Not tonight, Peter Pan.

6. Alice doesn’t seem impressed.

7. Tigger, Simba, and Shere Khan – at a circus show.

8. Well this one is actually sad…

9. This is what happens because of all the toxic wastes we’re dumping into the ocean.

10. Jasmine is busy while Alladin and Genie are, well, busier!

To see more of Tom Ward’s artworks, you can check out his stuff over at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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