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Chinese Netizens Bash ‘Super Wings’ Cartoon For Allegedly Insulting China




  • Super Wings, a children’s show from South Korea, is getting bashed by Chinese netizens for allegedly disrespecting China.
  • According to critics, the show featured a wrong map of China and an incorrect origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • The animated series has since been taken down from several China-based video sharing sites.

A pre-school educational show from South Korea has recently sparked outrage among Chinese social media users after they accused it of disrespecting China. The cartoon series Super Wings has been based for allegedly misleading young viewers about the true origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moreover, it has been claimed that the animated show featured wrong maps, reducing the country’s territory.

Super Wings has since been taken down from Chinese video hosting platforms such as and, among others, although short clips from the cartoon are still up online.

A controversial cartoon…

According to critics of the show, Super Wings used wrong China maps because the one seen on the series depicts missing places including the region of south Tibet, parts of Changbai Mountains, and others.

Aside from that, some had issues with an episode where a Korean girl received materials to make Songpyeon, a food traditionally served during Chuseok, a South Korean autumn harvest festival.

Parents are unhappy about the so-called ‘misinformation.’

Parents got angry about it, saying it has led to confusion as some children now believe the Mid-Autumn Festival originated in Korea.

“After watching, my daughter thinks the festival originated in Korea and we need to eat Songpyeon, even after I tried all morning to educate her about the festival and about eating moon cakes,” a Weibo netizen said.

“We don’t need to show children this kind of content,” another added.

Interestingly, Super Wings is actually co-produced by South Korea’s Funny Flux Entertainment and China’s Alpha Group.

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