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This Toddler Heard Adelle’s ‘Someone Like You’ on The Radio. What She Did Next Was Adorable!





The term “terrible two” had been formulated to describe two-year-old kids who never seem to get tired of being naughty and messy all day. During this age, they are also slowly starting to speak in a more understandable manner… ah milestones!

But for this kid named Victoria, being a two-year-old means having the guts to belt out a tune with matching emotional expressions! We’ve seen lots of videos featuring the different things toddlers can do; some showcase their talents whilst others just plainly show off their cuteness.

What made Victoria’s video unique is the right mix of raw, legit singing prowess and her adorable expressions, as she sang to Adelle’s Someone Like You.

Watch the video here:

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After watching the video, we can’t help but wonder if this girl truly has enough life experiences to be able to inject convincing emotions to this number. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post your family and friends too!

Credits: garciagirlstv via Unique Facts

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